Excerpt from “The Soil We Till”

Book By Demond Jackson

Page. 151

” Yeah! Ya’ll can go on without me. Only when a seed falls on the ground and dies, will it not bear fruits. And all you ladies have conquered hatred, and replaced ignorance, with wisdom and understanding. You have grown. Now it’s time to bear fruits. I’m so proud of ya’ll.

I’m most proud of you Ms. Ling. That child really needs her mother to help her be a good mother…and my dear Lisa, my daughter and my friend… Remember, the seeds we sow…are the fruits we bear.

See the Almighty created all women in the image of Mother Nature. We are the universal soil from which humanity development is dependent upon in order to ascend…be it for the betterment of mankind or our destruction. It is only by the fruit of our labor can men act like Gods and a Queen take her rightful place.

A seed is merely an object, a idea created by the Almighty and the power of mankind’s universal mind. The soil is Earth, Wind, Fire and Water, the energy which is need to give life to all creation. Our existence is dependent upon giving to the universe that which it gives to us…Life…Freedom…Love…and Peace. But when we refuse to give that which it gives to us so unselfishly…the soil we till…the seeds that flourish…surely will bear fruit that will cause pain, destruction and moral dissension, be it natural or unnatural.

Ladies, as sisters of Mother nature, no matter the storms, conditions or disaster, we can pull from all the elements of life…and create lands where the waters once ruled. Build a nation one child at a time and heal all wounds with the love only a Mother can provide…WE ARE THE SOIL WE TILL. We are the weeds of racism, sexism, oppression and hatred. And it is our obligation as it was…is…and always will be…to weed our gardens and till the soil…”

Demond Jackson
As you can see my name is Demond Andrae Jackson. My comrades and Love one's call me D-jay. I'm the co-founder of Convicted Soap Box, and the MENSTOP!/GIRL...STOP! re-entry programs. I consider myself a literary artist, be it poetry, editorials, composition, music or screenplays "My pen...is my power and words are my weapons..."
I'm the son of an African American queen, born and raised in Los Angeles California, where I was groomed in its infectious gang culture. For the past decade and half, the federal Bureau of Prison has been a institution of self-education, self-evaluation and the reason I now possess knowledge of self. That being so, I now strive to expose the solution to the problems that our plaguing our communities, America's youth and this country as a whole. There's a saying: "There's nothing new up under the sun." Simply put, if there's one thing in this universe existence, that has seen all thing that mankind has done or not done, it is the sun. That means the moral dissension that taking place currently is nothing new. Historian have written about times where the moral fabric of a nation was so tattered where the only solution for change was war a destruction. This country was built and establish to be the nation it is today. By the disenfranchised, those who were being oppressed by the Queen and her fellow Aristocrats. Therefore if this country is to change once again for the better. It will begin and must begin with the actions and the voice of the disenfranchised i.e, America's minorities, poor and it's third class citizen the American Ex-felon. That being said I'm committed to "WRITING MY WRONGS..." and sewing seed of knowledge and truth that will blossom into peace, prosperity and positive change

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