Bayete to all the hardihood, tenacious puissant, and honorable Men and Women who refuse to compromise their principals. Or to live any other way, but on their own terms and  by their own rules! Once again I, Nkosi Shaka Zulu-EL formerly of the slave name Wayne Anthony Perry-El (The El being the only aspect of that name worthy of my ancestor’s magnificence), come to you from the belly of the ” powers that be’s” -beast, known to the country as ADX. I am doing, as always, well and in every facet of my human existence, despite my hellacious and arduous plight. For I find strength constantly in the adversity the hypocrites have imposed to enervate me mentally, physically, and spiritually. All praise is due to Allah and honor to my prodigious ancestors from whom I sprung, whom he, Allah created to perfection. As one of my brothers (Opio) once said to me “Adversity is nourishing food for those strong enough to digest it.” To all of you perusing this who are oppressed, fighting adversity in whatever way it is attacking you, let that sagacious quote give you inspiration.
Never surrender Warriors and Warriorettes! NEVER! You are strong by nature and can digest any and all adversity and become nourished by it; For it is salutary for us. Do not despair, complain, or wax indignant even. Your misfortunes are strong enough to digest them, which is the only way to truly surmount them. Juvenal, the Roman satirist, in the Sixteen Satires said: “The worst sin is to choose survival before honor, to lose what gives life its value for the sake of saving your skin.” I concur with Shirk! No matter what path in life you choose people, never, ever relinquish or discard your honor to avoid any misfortune, even if it effectuated your demise. If you know your actions carry consequences that you cannot endure then do not choose to perpetuate them. To me “Going Hard” is not so much in what you do, but in what you do not allow yourself to do you dig? It takes less strength to act on impulses or desires than it does to negate the urge to act on them. I respect those who are courageous enough and strong enough NOT to do, knowing that they cannot truly handle the consequences for their actions their lower self avidly wants to commit, far more than I respect those who do the opposite. For latter are the cowards. Alas, they’re also often the traducers and ignominious rats! e.g. Alpo, Rayful, Nicky Barnes, Sammy the Bull, to name a few.
Dishonor can be avoided most of the time if people stay true to who they know they are and stop doing things whose ramifications, they know they cannot handle! Killing, robbing, hustling, none of these actions validate bravery, manhood, honor or strength. Being true to your nature, knowing and adhering to self, resisting the urge to self-destruct, having the fortitude to surmount the urges of the lower self- these things are laudable and denote honor, strength, excellence of character, bravery, and manhood. Take heed to this message. And these plantations (Federal and State) will rapidly decrease in population, trust me. We ultimately enslave ourselves most of the time. The worst adversary you’ll ever face and the most difficult one you’ll ever have to overcome is “You”, yourself. Manumission is born through self-mastery. To all of you out in society who have comrades, family, lovers immersed behind these concrete walls and steel bars do not allow their physical removal from your presence to induce indifference in you to their excruciating plights.
Love is Supreme when it is pristine and real. Physical separation- even for the remainder of a lifetime- cannot abate or dilute it. For if it does, love was never in existence. In fact, the love should grow immensely when physical separation is forced by incarceration. Love does not live in physical attachment anyway; Lust does. Always support those you love and never, ever, not for an iota of a second forget them. Don’t talk about doing- Do! Until next time warriors, lions, Warriorettes, and lionesses, take care, remain strong and keep striving to live in the spirit of your higher selves. Never become tainted by swimming in the cesspool of dishonor; never become one of the broken ones.
My esteem for these unyielding, strong, honorable Men. “ Tough Slim “(Marky), Mustafa Sigrdi Zulu, my beloved brother, cousin and doee, Opio Diarra Moore my beloved brother comrade and more, Earl Davis (Baby Earl), Antone White, (“Tone”) Titus, Larry Hoover, Shorty G, Pat (Abdullah my beloved brother) Champ, Drapper my beloved nephew, Sam, Pimp Vito, Birdy Erickyberk, Sean Branch, Sop Sop, Rico Thongs and his brother Rafael, Iman Al-Amin, Mutulu Shakur, Lop my beloved brother, ER, V baddah, Hamga, Shaheed, lil Poo Poo, Boobi, Big Meech, Will, Mike Asay, Kevin G, Manny, Eyone, Big Murphy, Dawood, Gully, Harold Cunningham, Shakur, Big Green, Wayne Wayne, Dre, Bam Bam, Twins, Mateen, Mumit, Phil, Go Go, Tiny and many, many more. Uhuru Sasa!
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Written In 2013 by Nkosi Shaka Zulu-El. For Washington DC youth, that participates in Programs through OneNation Organization
Jonathan McNair
My name is Jonathan McNair, I'm Humble, Laid back and an individual who's main focus is uplifting, empowering, and educating those in the "Struggle". As One who's been through the same or similar situations as most of my Comrades on here, I work to break the cycle of a continuum destruction plagued by violence, Drugs, illness and Hopelessness in our society. Each One Teach One is the Goal and Educating to empower minds is the Foundation.