Nobody trusts anybody
Because love leaps out the window
When poverty enters the door
Nobody loves love
Because we all live in fear
Afraid to give our hearts to someone
Cause nobody will really care
We live in the dark
Nobody wants to leave the shade
Better to avoid the spark
When nobody wants the night to fade
Speak about loyalty to nobody
Nor honor, principles, or appreciation
Concepts that mean nothing to anybody
Collectively we drown in Hate’s precipitation
Nobody feels for nobody
Because everyone is numb from pain
Nobody is really concerned with anybody
Nobody celebrates success, only your shame
(c)Copyrights 2016 by Halim A. Flowers – Excerpt from “The Lost Poems”
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Jonathan McNair
My name is Jonathan McNair, I'm Humble, Laid back and an individual who's main focus is uplifting, empowering, and educating those in the "Struggle". As One who's been through the same or similar situations as most of my Comrades on here, I work to break the cycle of a continuum destruction plagued by violence, Drugs, illness and Hopelessness in our society. Each One Teach One is the Goal and Educating to empower minds is the Foundation.