Social Security Assistance for inmates with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome
Federal Grants and Low Interest Loans: 1-800-222-2470

Below is some resource info I have outline for Ex-Felon’s who are in financial and services. Allot of ex-felon who have been incarcerated for a substantial amount of time, who are unable to function within society work force, are disable. Do to Post traumatic stress caused by incarceration and the institutional violence and psychological oppression of imprisonment.

[Note: Because of a lack medical resources and effective psychologist in correctional facilities, most ex-felons with this disability never get diagnose. Long term incarceration in some of America’s Maximum Security prison, is parallel to American Soldiers fighting on the frontline in Afghanistan for more than a single term. Some men are literally surviving day to day in the heart of race wars, gang wars, geographical wars and administrative oppression. Most of you have never seen a man who are shell shocked from riots, and institutional violence. As well as those who has been oppressed, raped and abuse year after year. The psychological effects this has on men is truly saddening. These men often return to prison because they are aware of their disability and there are not enough resources in place to aid and assist them with getting the proper medical attention they desperately need. Therefore, I hope the info I have laid out below helps you or a love one get the assistance they need, to keep them from falling victim to recidivism.
God Bless,  Demond A. Jackson ]

Months before release write to address:

Department of health and human services,
social security administration
718 E. Franklin street
Richmond Va, 23219
[note: or a officer near you]

Ask for information about benefits for prisoners under public law93.365,92.63 code R C W 72.02.040, and  ask for the address of the regional director at the social security office in the area you will be released to.

Write the regional Director and say you have turned in your parole or release plan and that you want to apply for  $980 per month social security insurance benefits. Ask that the application be sent to you address shown on you release plan, These details are covered in R.C.W 72.02.040 (keep your copy of the letter) once you are released go to the social security insurance off. That a copy of the letter you wrote the regional director and apply for benefits under R.C.W 74.29.105

being down also qualifies you for disability benefits./ However these are a different category from the disadvantaged minority benefits and require a separate application at the S.S.I (social security insurance office) you have to be persistent with this one and may have to file the application several time, but one you are approved you are eligible for $310.00 per month for every month your were incarcerated.

Contact the Us dept. of social and health services and apply for vouches for food housing and cloths plus an immediate $180.00 in food stamps,

Contact the local U.S housing and urban development office, you may be eligible for low income housing,

need a job? the targeted job tax credit program will pay half of your wages and give you employer a $3000.00 tax write off the first year and #1500 the second year if your job constitutes training.

Remember all the dreams plans you thought you would like to start up while you were incarcerated? The small business administration might give you a start up loan. Also check out the minority business administration office with the department.

Small Business Administration

You can receive a loan of up to #300,000.00 to build a business. Go through an organization know as S.C.O.R.E. to find out more concerning grants and loans . Write to the hall of congress by federal law you qualify to receive benefits .As soon as you are release. Tell them you need financial assistance immediately. A check should be issued within two hours. The amount depends on the area, but should be no less than #150.00, while you are there be sure to obtain your medical card for health care protection benefits. You may also receive food stamps.

National Economic Development assistance, Its basically unemployment compensation . Sign up immediately upon release.. You will be required to wait at least four days for a check for about $52.00- $150.00 a week until you are able to find a job and sustain it.

The small business administration will loan you up to $24,000.00 for any small business you wish to start. They will also loan you $500.00 to buy a car or loan you an additional $1000.00 to but any vehicle you need for work.

The American Bankers association: Will give you a $500.00 certificate.. The certificate must remain in the back for one full year you will collect interest.

American bankers Association
1120 Connecticut Avenue
Washington, DC 20039

To gain $10,000.00 for free financial management technical assistance as an economically and disadvantage person in starting or operation your business contact:

Chief Grant Administration Division
minority Business Development Agency Department  of commerce
Washington DC, 20230
Ph# 202-377-3165

Small business Administration
144 D. street
N. Washington DC 20416
PH# 202-653-6570

The first thirty days
ex offenders Bureau of prison benefits available to former inmates,
(1) social security office
(2)welfare dep’t.
(3)state rehabilitations office

Go immediately to the nearest social security office, ask to speak o counselor so that you can apply, S.S.I. emergency benefits of $1500.00 and explain that you are emotionally mentally unprepared to hold a job, show them your mandatory release papers in order to prove that you are fresh out of prison, note you should receive your check within seven days. While at the office fill out the form for #310.00 monthly for the time you were incarcerated under disability benefits. Next go the the welfare office for general relief. show them your release papers and tell  them you need assistance immediately, A check should be issued within two hours.

Need bonded go to the probation and parole Dept to get the forms.

S..S.I. supplemental social income can be described as a form of welfare that is paid through the social security office. Different from social security benefits, there is no need to qualify for S.S.i. because you are unemployed and considered to be disabled. Be sure to understand the situation concerning your disability. Federal registration at this time documents that you are an ex offender to the fact and that you have an emotional problem. Basically the government has declared that had you not had this problem you would have been able to conform to the rules of society.. Thus preventing your commission of a federal crime regardless of whether or not you feel or accept this emotion problem. the fact is considered by both federal and state rehabilitation commissions to be a disability and you will be considered to have this disability until you can be a productive member of society,
(A) the whole purpose of S.S.I. is to help you reenter society and relieve economic pressure that ex offenders face while trying to be a productive member of you community
(B) After you release you as a parolee or other wise will qualify for assistance of up to #310.00 per month. Although you do qualify for S.S.I. while you are still in prison awaiting to be released. You by law only have 30 hours after  you released to reach the nearest social security office and submit your application. it is necessary that you take the required steps before you release date and apply for benefits or you will lost the opportunity to take advantage of S.S..I. So 90 days prior to your release send in your application to be processed. You should have a check in the amount of $930.00 waiting for you S.S.I. is covered under U.S. Law 42 U.S.C. 1383 (E) 20 CFR 416.305

90 days prior to your release write a letter to the Social security office where you live they will send you a question application. Fill it out as accurately as possible and then return it..

you can also go to the food stamps office hot line and get #80.00 worth of Food stamps when you go to the dept of social services. Also you can apply for a full grant of food stamps of $160.00 total. You are qualified because you are on S.S.I. the welfare dept will automatically send you $228.0 per month for financial assistance and utilities, S.S.I. is the same in each state.

Go to the dept of Vocational rehabilitation because you are on S.S.I. A convicted felon is a depressed minority. You also quality for certain benefits packages.. The amount of this benefit is $1900.00 and is to be used for a down payment on a car. the car must be needed to go back and forth to work. you also receive a $300.00 check to buy clothing for work and another $400.00 check for tools. there’s are grants not loans so they don’t need to be paid back. Small business administration (SBA) has a program for ex felons business loans up to $50,000.00  The federal H.C.W. will bond you for free.

Once you have S.S.I. you can qualify for a loan up to, 5,000.00 from any bank. the loan is guaranteed by the federal government and must be repaid (

Here’s an example of a application of a former inmate that was awarded benefits

Approved Social Security Benefits Application

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