Trump the advocate of violence

By Rainbow Williams

For the past few months what one calls the race for the next president of the United states, has become more of a reality show or a TV series “ie  America turns”than a presidential race. In the beginning the republican party started off with sixteen candidates with Mr. Trump leading the pack as the main attraction. Most political people didn’t take him serious as a candidate, some America citizens have , but as time progressed Mr. Trump has became the front runner, gaining momentum in all sense of the word, by using a non conventional way of speaking in his campaign. Driving off some American citizens discontent for the  stated of the political realm of this country. For decades the American people have listened to the same ole talk of promises facades and false hopes, Today Mr. Trump is talking direct, a talk no on has ever heard raw and uncut to the point of politics. which  some believe to be truth. A reality show/Entrepreneur is running for president is leading in the polls. Dividing the country on different issues, such as race class and economic, By spewing rhetoric of hate and discontent for Muslims, blacks, and women, with his misogynistic views,  two stand out in particular, Megan Kelly of fox news and Charley fiorulila,, he spoke on Megan’s menstrual cycle and Called Mrs. Foorinna ugly, this exposes the arrogance of his character. This guy wants to kill, torture, or incarcerate all Muslims while attacking their religious belief. he wants to send all Mexicans and their offspring born in this country back to Mexico. How much sense does this make? these are the same people he employs to care for his home, tend to his children and in some instances cook his food, however, through his statements, these people are not goo enough to share the same soil as him. How his campaign has became more stronger, his rallies and propaganda more violent, at most  of Trumps rallies there’s a great presence of  unsatisfactory behavior with more chaos then politics. Now its to the point that Trump supporters are putting their hands on demonstrators that attend the rallied, several people from the back lives matter movement have been shoved assaulted and racist remarks thrown their way.

Thursday a 23 yr old black male was punched by a 78 yr old white male in north Carolina and the sheriffs that was escorting the young brother with two of his friends, Restrained him, instead of restraining the man that assaulted him. if these officers not there to attend to their job, protect the people, then there’s no need for their presence at  all. A reporter caught the 78 yr old male after the rally and asked him about his actions, his  response, “Quote unquote” he should have been punched in his mouth and the next time he should be killed. Some people think Mr. Trump should be held accountable for the actions of his supporters and some things not, The same as Bernie Sanders, the difference between  the two is this , Bernie sanders didn’t push his supporters to commit to their actions, Mr. Trump is cheering his supporters on creating a toxic environment for any and everyone that attends his rallies. Me Trump has made remarks promoting this violence and assaults, such as “Punch that guy in the mouth” or  “he’s lucky he not going on a stretcher”, How is that the behavior of a person  that aspired to be the next presidential of the united states of American.

Mr. Trump goes as far as telling his supporters that if  they indulge in these kind of attacks he will personally bail these individuals out. this means he giving commands through his talk to his army of supporters, as a general would to his troops. Recently, in Chicago people took to the streets in protest causing Mr. Trump to cancel his attendance there. People as well in Ohio and other states are joining in the fight against Trump. sparking great debates abut him and his presidential aspirations, this political season in the race for the white house has been the worst in the history of this country. even the member of this own party don’t want to endorse him in fear of what this would mean for  this country. Can one imagine, Mr. trump becoming the president in 2017?  He doesn’t have apolitical bone in his body, He has been competed to Ronald Reagan. the difference between Trump and Reagan is, Reagan actually held a governmental seat for eight years. Trump has never held any political position. he has no strong policies the only policy he interested in is keeping the rich one percent richer and the poor, poor, This may be the fall of this country if he wins. I personally consider this to be the worst political climate in Americas history. And i feel Trump Malevolent mindset is taking America back four hundred years making her the laughing stock of the world

Rainbow Williams
My name is Rainbow Williams I'm from Balyimore city born and raised. I'm 36years old and I've been incarcerated for quite some time now. I'm into politics and world and social views. One of the reasons for me being active on this website is to give my views and insights that came from my trials and tribulations, which I learned a lot and it has assisted me in Maturing as a Man. I've been in prison for the better part of my life and I've seen the ill wills and the degradation that men go through on a daily basis. It brings me to this, that we as people have to take the time out and give so that our youth and those that don't have a voice are heard to those that can't hear the voice. Society barriers must become open and know/learn of those forgotten voices that have something to say.