a.k.a capone..hello to all my readers.i’m hollering to let ya’ll know i’ve had a blessed start of this year.me and my daughter muffin are bonding well.i’m hoping with these law changes i’ll be on the streets soon with my child.hopefully i will be the father she needs me to be.my growth in the feds has been a postive one.i recived my g.e.d….that was a big accomplishment for me.now my question is to all the young c’s and b’s out their.when do we step up as powerful young blackmen and start taking care of our families,and children.??so that their generation can be a little better than ours.thats my postive question for the week???.alll respones are welcomed.shaunta taylor 47480-112 p.o. box 3850 adelanto ca 92301.thats the snail mail respone.alos i’m asking my readers for any donations..shaunta taylor 47480-112 city code.fbop,state code.dc.thats in case any one wants to send donations.thtas the westrn union hook -up.money gram is shaunta tyalor code 7932.these donations will help with legalĀ  research and also help me stay plugged in to my blog page.are donations are appreciated.thank shaunta taylor.help from the heart.it’ll come back a 1000 fold.smile..

My name is Shaunta Taylor, and I was born April 2, 1972. I a Los Angeles native. I'm also a gang member from L.A. The set I'm from is the Harlem- Crips Rollin 30s, and my nick-name is Capone 2. I'm telling people this because I want people to try and understand the gang culture. Our culture as young males growing up in America, and the pit falls that we must face. My story is not a story that glamorizes gang life, but one that explores it to a certain degree. So those of you interested in hearing my point of View, Log on to convictsoapbox.com or you can Write me at Shaunta Taylor #47480-122 PO Box 7000, Florence, CO 81226 "All Opinions Are Welcomed" Thank you.