Malcom X


By Demond A. Jackson


It’s hard being a man…, a man who says what he means and means what he says, one who refuses to compromise his integrity for personal or financial gain, a man who is committed to the one he loves.. in a world where infidelity is the norm and to expect anything more isn’t reality.. It’s hard making sacrifices for the betterment of other genuinely expecting nothing in return, while the selfish and egotistical are memorialized and honored for contributing to the dissension of morality. It’s hard being a man when its easier to be a boy, a follower or a toy, a puppet and unemployed… It’s hard not acting on my emotions, partaking in negative commotion, uplifting with true devotion with so many haters around. I could be balling with glitz and glamour if responsibility wasn’t a part me, if being the truth wasn’t my reality, if only I let go of my profound spirituality. My friends are far and few now, because they have choose the easy route. For some strange reason cowards keep telling me “Those amongst you are not worthy of your integrity…” while they benefit from my sincerity and my un-judging nature. I see the worlds imperfection with so much clarity, that being less than a man is just something I wouldn’t dare to be.

It amazes me that the definition of manhood has become ambiguous simply because society wants to avoid offending grown males who don’t reflect the authenticity of its meaning- the definition handed down by our founding fathers. I’m a man!!! Therefore I can’t fathom living a lie, not willing to die for a cause that will bring peace amongst men, As a man- to know better is to do better, be better and share that knowledge with other men who understand that they have a obligation share that which has been given to them. As a man allow me to admit that I haven’t always been a man… who would rather build than destroy face my problem than avoid, till the soil and fill the void. I except my faults now.. So I pray for yours and God’s forgiveness… Let you and the Heavens witness that in these times… It’s hard being a man.

Demond Jackson
As you can see my name is Demond Andrae Jackson. My comrades and Love one's call me D-jay. I'm the co-founder of Convicted Soap Box, and the MENSTOP!/GIRL...STOP! re-entry programs. I consider myself a literary artist, be it poetry, editorials, composition, music or screenplays "My my power and words are my weapons..."
I'm the son of an African American queen, born and raised in Los Angeles California, where I was groomed in its infectious gang culture. For the past decade and half, the federal Bureau of Prison has been a institution of self-education, self-evaluation and the reason I now possess knowledge of self. That being so, I now strive to expose the solution to the problems that our plaguing our communities, America's youth and this country as a whole. There's a saying: "There's nothing new up under the sun." Simply put, if there's one thing in this universe existence, that has seen all thing that mankind has done or not done, it is the sun. That means the moral dissension that taking place currently is nothing new. Historian have written about times where the moral fabric of a nation was so tattered where the only solution for change was war a destruction. This country was built and establish to be the nation it is today. By the disenfranchised, those who were being oppressed by the Queen and her fellow Aristocrats. Therefore if this country is to change once again for the better. It will begin and must begin with the actions and the voice of the disenfranchised i.e, America's minorities, poor and it's third class citizen the American Ex-felon. That being said I'm committed to "WRITING MY WRONGS..." and sewing seed of knowledge and truth that will blossom into peace, prosperity and positive change

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