My definition of a sisterhood is a bond that you have with someone or a group of people that’s unbreakable. I’ve been blessed to have a solid group of friends that’s been in my corner since day one. I have the same friends that I had growing up and we’ve been close for over 15 years now. We don’t consider ourselves friends. We consider ourselves family. Our children have grown up together and consider themselves cousins. I’ve never had a fall out with my friends either. The bond we share has grown over the years and it continues to grow everyday. Good friends are hard to come by and a person would be lucky if they can say that they had one. Since being in prison I’ve developed a bond with a few people that I consider true friends. We’ve been through the struggle together and can relate to things that the average person can’t. If you haven’t been in a situation like this you don’t know the day to day struggles that we go through. It’s hard being a mother away from your children and it’s hard when you don’t have a strong support system. So in prison a lot of women tend be that support system and develop a family type of bond. I’ve met some women who don’t have anybody in their corner at all. They don’t have a sister or a friend that they can talk to about their problems, so they rely on the next best thing and that’s their friends in here. So in a way it’s kind of easy to develop a sisterhood in prison because sometimes all we have is each other. I have friends who’ve left 2 or 3 years before me and they still stay in contact with me. I’d look on my account and they’ve sent me money. To me that’s special because they’ve moved on past this place and for them to still be thinking about me while their free shows that bond we share is real. On the other hand there are a lot of women who just don’t like to support one another. The hate and the jealousy just seeps through their pores at times. I’ve dealt with women hating on me since I was younger and in here it’s the same. Before a woman even knows you or gets a chance to know you they automatically assume your a certain way just by the way you look or how you carry yourself. It’s sad because being in prison is bad enough already so to have to endure the constant hate from the girls in here can be overwhelming at times. I mean to the point where you want to fight but you have to be smarter then that. I’ve had my fair share of drama while being incarcerated but luckily I never got in trouble for it. I could’ve easily lost some of my good time which would’ve set me back from getting home to my family. But you don’t think about that when your in the heat of the moment. Even on the outside women don’t stick together like their suppose to. It’s sad because there are so many women doing positive things and a lot of women miss out on opportunities just from having tunnel vision. Envy is a powerful thing and it can manifest into something that’ll eventually destroy a lot of relationships in life. I feel that a lot of women tend to be jealous due to having a low self-esteem. Every women is beautiful in their own way and we’re all individuals so there’s no need to hate on the next person. What ever the next person is doing you can do it as well if you apply yourself. I’ve never been the type to hate. I give credit when credit is due and if have connections that can help another woman succeed in life I’m going to guide her in the right direction because I love to see independent women doing their thing. We really should focus on helping each other out and lifting each other up instead of trying to bring each other down. So ladies when you see a women that’s about her business compliment her on her accomplishments don’t roll your eyes and try to pick out something bad about her. It’s too much hate going on in this world.  The problem is that women tend to compete with each other instead of putting their heads together and coming up with a plan. It’s enough money out there for everybody to get, so don’t try to knock the next one to get ahead in life. Stop hating and start congratulating. 🙂

Brandi Davis
Register Number- 44108-039
Age: 33
Time Served- 6 years 3 months
City/State- Detroit, MI
Sentence- 120 Months
Current Charge- Conspiracy To Distribute and Manufacture 5 kilograms of Cocaine or more
Release Date- 5/2016
Contact Info- Brandi Davis 44108-039/B1
Federal Prison Camp
Box A
Alderson, WV 24910

My name is Brandi Davis. I'm currently serving a 120 month sentence at Alderson Federal Prison Camp in West Virginia for conspiracy to distribute and manufacture 5 kilograms or more of cocaine. I'm on my sixth year and will be returning back into society around April 2016. I'm 32 years old and I enjoy reading, writing, sports, music, news, traveling and I love learning and experiencing new things in life. I'm a single mother of a nine year old young man. I'm looking forward to leaving prison and starting a new life. I also want to help the youth avoid making the same mistakes that I have in life. I'm currently working on book and other projects. While incarcerated I've completed Cosmetology and I'm currently taking RDAP and correspondence paralegal course. I'm also active on The Federal Fire Department. I've used my time wisely and I'm ready to approach life with a new outlook.