Tony Phillips

Age: 27 Offense: Unlawful Transport of Firearms, etc. Hometown: Memphis Tennessee Current Time of Incarceration:57 months imprisonment Estimated released date: 03-09-2017 Contact Information: Tony Phillips # 44892-074 United States Penitentiary Atwater P.O. Box 019001 Atwater, CA 95301 As You Can See my name is Tony tyrone Phillips my family, friends, & Love ones call me Tony T. I'm the son of a beautiful Woman, Born and Raised in Memphis, Tn. Where I ran with gang members and grew up with no mother or father in my life. Since I been in the Federal Bureau of Prison. I've become more aware of my actions and the effect it could have on my kids when I have some. So now I strive to make better choices because I understand that my past is my problem, and could cause me more then Time in Prison. So now I do my best to save my little brother from making the same mistakes I did. Respectfully Tony T