Trump Pardon’s and Clemency

By Demond A. Jackson

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Today Donald Trump made a public statement, addressing America’s Athletes about taking a knee during the Nation Anthem, as a form of protest against the injustice effecting African American’s. Trump stated :

” Instead of taking a knee during the National Anthem. I’m requesting that all athletes who feel they have a friend or love one who were sentence unjustly, send their name and I will have my committee review there case and I will either pardon them or let them out! “

Upon hearing this, I was instantly shocked! What I realized, Trump’s putting our Athletes to task. He saying to all those who are professional athletes. If you feel so adamant about injustice. Recommend to me someone you know is unjustly sentence, let me know and allow me to correct that injustice.

Personally, my Clemency petition is currently pending I’ve been incarcerated now for closed to 20 years, I’m serving a 60 year sentence for conspiracy to distribute 0 zero cocaine and cocaine base. Under current federal law my sentence couldn’t exceed more than 6 years. Yet because all of the laws that would help, weren’t held to be retroactive I’m still serving an extensive sentence.

During my incarceration I’ve have founded the MENSTOP Re-entry program that is one of the most successful re-entry programs being implemented in any federal institutions. I’ve written multiple books, trade marked my own clothing line and started Convict Soap Box a website that advocates for ex-felons. I have great family support, friends and love one who will hands down recommend I be granted a pardon. But what I don’t have right now is any professional Athlete’s who I know personally who will endorse me, recommend my name and help get my clemency petition on Trumps desk.

Therefore, I’m reaching out to all of you who have followed me on CSB, I.G. and ect. Requesting that if you know anyone who is a professional athlete or if you know someone who knows…someone who is a professional athlete. Please give my name to them and ask them to recommend me for a pardon or clemency. With the understanding that they possess the power to help someone regain their freedom do to the injustice of the War on Drugs.

For those of you who don’t know any professional Athletes please send mass tweets to your favorite athlete, with my name included requesting that they endorse me.

I need help and what I know for sure is a close mouth don’t get fed. Thank you for you time and consideration, please inform any Athletes who is willing to recommend me for clemency to contact my Clemency Attorney Kathy Nestor -email :

  1. God Bless you!!!
Jonathan McNair
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