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How am I supposed to tell them “Goodbye”
They smiling but I know inside they want to cry
Happy for me but probably thinking,
“Damn, I wish I had your chance!”
I’m steady thinking to myself,
“They may never get another chance”
How am I supposed to look him in his eyes
And fix my lips to say, “Goodbye”
After I spoke to the judge this week
My mother told me to pack my shit
But it’s poverty in prison Ma
How am I going to pack my shit
Mama you got a house with a driveway in the backyard
While most these guys will never leave this yard
Plus I’m coming home to my own house by the beach
He was praying for me though he won’t ever see release
How am I supposed to tell him, “Goodbye”
When I’m leaving and he holding back that tear in his eye
Knowing that he just want to see me fly
Accepting that prison is where he’s going to die
I should be happy but instead I’m fighting tears
Cause we been doing time together for 21 years
We both went to the library and learned the law together
His insights really helped me out
Yet he’s doing life for drugs
But Obama ain’t even let him out
Tell me why Obama never let him out
When people with murder cases are getting out
How could I pack my shit and not leave it back
How could I be free and never reach in back
Already foreseeing my last night
My man next door neighbor doing triple life
I left him my sneakers, radio, and food
He’s been in for 25 years so I’m just paying my dues
He would train and prayed with me
Messed up that he can’t escape with me
If we forgave them for all the slave hangings
Why can’t they forgive Black from Chiraq for gangbanging…….

Halim Flowers
Halim Flowers
DOB- 09-01-80
Washington, D.C.
30 years to life
Contact Information-
Halim Flowers
Federal Correctional Institution Gilmer
P.O. Box 6000
Glennville, West Virginia 26351

My name is Halim Flowers and I am an author, poet, blogger(, and at-risk youth advocate. I have been incarcerated for 18 years, since I was 16 years of age for aiding and abetting a felony murder in a case where I was not the shooter and the person charged as the gunman had his case dismissed and was never tried for this offense. I know it sounds crazy but it is my destiny for now and I embrace. My passion in life is learning and helping to enlighten and inspire others, especially helping to develop the character and lives of young men. I was featured in an Emmy award winning documentary about my experiences as a child at the adult D.C. Jail titled "Thug Life In DC"(See Thug Life In DC at YouTube) and I have authored nine books in the genres of self-help, prisoner reform, juvenile justice, memoir, and poetry(See Halim Flowers at I very contrite for my past criminal offenses and seriously committed to helping our youth to understand "Victim's Impact" and breaking the "school-to-prison pipeline".