Please allow me this moment of opportunity to share with you this importance of self and life.
I hope to find the words that you can understand and acknowledge to guide you in the direction of placing you on the right path.
If or when there’s ever a time our path’s cross, I hope to be a free-man or you are coming to seek advice from an incarcerated person on how not to become an incarcerated person yourself.
If you are sitting across from me in a prison visiting room, that means you have made a mistake.
A mistake that can be corrected and possibly not made again.
So therefore I am going to use my situation as a stepping stone on how to help you make mindful and different choices in life.
Let’s keep in mind, t he choice is there to be made, but the decision is yours to make. You can choose positive or negative, good or bad, better or worse, either way you become the direct result of your own choices.
Also keep in mind too, that the decision(s) you make and the choices you choose may determine where you end up and land in the future of your life. Therefore you must decide with caution and choose wisely, because one bad mistake in the past can become an experience to build and have a purposeful future. Take me for example.
I’ve made a mistake in the past that has placed me inn prison for the last 19 yrs. on a 24 yr. sentence. But I’ve learned and grown from my mistakes.
And I want to help you grow and learn from your mistake. We all know that life centers on: chance, choices, opportunity and risk. We must put these four words in heir proper prospective and use them in accordance. Some of you my think that no one cares about you or your well being, or you may feel no one’s paying you any attention. So you act out to get noticed.
Believe Me, I know the feeling. I’m not one of those people who don’t care, because I do, that’s why I don’t want to see you in this place called prison.
No one want’s to be told what to do and when to do it.
You see, you get to go home when you leave this prison visiting room, you have your freedom and you must do the right things in life to maintain it.
Because some mistakes cannot be corrected or forgiven, but you can serve a lot of time in captivity thinking about it and never forgetting it.
You see trouble is easy to get into but hard as hell to get out of. I’m speaking from experience, not something that I’ve heard but something I know. I got into trouble almost 2 decades ago, and I am still in the same trouble today.
I’m living proof, I’m speaking the truth and I’m speaking to YOU!
I hope you can understand my words and embrace their meaning, because their strong and full of strength.

My name is Antonio Blackstone #15012-112
I've been incarcerated for the past 19 years for robbery.
My release date is for 9/26/2020
My birthday is June 30th 1970
I am 47 years of age.
I am affiliated with the M-E-N S.T.O.P program.
My place of residence currently is Victorville Federal Correctional Institution #2,
Adelanto, California...92301