Today, I would like to talk to you about knowing better and doing better, as opposed to thinking you have all of the answers and got it all figured out. Us Brothers and Sisters that make up the MENSTOP and GIRLSTOP mentors across the Nation, once upon a time were your age and we all thought we had all of the answers and that we had it all figured out. But, as you scan through the profiles on Convict S.O.A.P Box, you can see from our profiles that we (know) and not (think),that our time scale ranges, anywhere from 5yrs. to a Life sentence. A harsh reality that we are trying to prevent you from having to face. I know that a few of you may be thinking to yourselves. I’m on the street’s and you are in jail, so how can you tell me anything? Well, I would like to say that you just answered your own question. I know that I’m currently incarcerated, but I also know that if you keep living and entertaining a toxic lifestyle, eventually you will be in here with me, wishing that you would have put your pride and ego to the side, to listen to those who truly care about your well being had to say. Some who may be reading, or hearing this Message To The YOUTH may be thinking, how can I trust what he has to say? US M.E.N.STOP and GIRL STOP mentors have been around the block and back a few times, so we understand that trust is earned and not given, so let’s start with (respect).(A universal word we all know, say we want and in most aspects may demand from the people we may come in contact with throughout the course of our lives). Let’s respect the fact some of the MEN STOP and GIRL STOP mentors may never make it home, a place your thought process and actions may be neglecting , but a destination we are fighting to make it to. Believe it or not , as a MEN STOP /GIRL STOP mentor, I actually wish that I had a program of this magnitude I could have participated in in my early years. or just a real Big Homie that would have kept it real and just told me the truth about the road I was traveling down , instead of allowing me to buy into the illusion of a fools dream. Believing that an un-healthy lifestyle and crime pays. 2 to 5 yrs. of being hood rich and play ballin in exchange for a life sentence, really isn’t the biz. You see, we have a tendency to (think)that immediate gratification and short term success is the thing. As opposed to (knowing) that the back side of that short term success, could be the death of you , or a life sentence, here in this Country Club. Which brings me to quote this statement I hear a lot of people say : I only wish I knew then what i know now, I sure and the hell wouldn’t be going through this Shit now! As you embark on that journey called life , I would like to be that reflection of mistakes in the mirror that you don’t (think)you want to make , but (know) that after being part of MENSTOP OR GIRLSTOP you will never make. I want you to know that anything you could ever dream of doing or want to do has been done by myself or one of the other MENSTOP OR GIRLSTOP mentors . And anything you may think you could go through, been through, or maybe going through at the time, we have been through and even in some instances, may still be going through it. MENSTOP and GIRLSTOP mentors are the definition of we have seen it all, been through it all, and done it all. From being so called predators of society, to being any kind of victim you could think of. Even growing up in a home that is suppose to be your protection and safe-haven against the evils of this world, but is actually the dungeon, cemetery and gravesite of all of your hopes and dreams and where you actually feel death smells prettier than life. So if you can think it or imagine it ,We know it in some shape form or fashion , firsthand. With that being said , I have a lot to share with you. I would like you to look at this experience as you are sick of living in that old ran down house and you have been sitting up in your room on your bed dreaming of that castle, mansion are just that big Old’ nice house you would like to build and live the rest of your life in. You have done the blueprints on paper are in your mind. So now you just need a certified/bonified construction company to bring it to life like you see it.(Perfection) Us MEN and WOMEN at the MEN STOP / GIRL STOP construction company is here to give you that complete home make over that your heart desires and that you have been dreaming of since the storm started. All I ask is that you give what we have to offer 25% of the attention you give to remembering that new song or dance that just came out and i promise you that the new home you are left with and that special made tool box that is now yours to assist you with all of your house hold needs to keep it perfectly maintained in excellent condition, will be the greatest investment you could have ever made at your age and at this point in your life. In this process , we are going to throw away in the dumpster , things like fear , false pride , that thing called ego and peer pressure. Them words like never, an quit and anything else that may cause the house to mold ,deteriorate and cause asbestos. We are going to replace all of them things and build that beautiful home on principles , knowledge, wisdom understanding , discipline, courage ,honor dignity, character and most of all love amongst other healthy alternatives. When it’s all said and done our slogan isn’t going to be “Together yes we can” but against all odds in the face of adversity “Together yes we did “. Failure is not an option or a word in the MEN STOP/GIRL STOP vocabulary. As we all (know) and not (think) a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. So, the custom tool box that has been custom designed for you, when used correctly, will guarantee you to over come any obstacle , stumbling block, or hurdle you will ever face. In closing , I want you to never forget and understand that anything in this life that deals with growth, is done in cycles and stages (Steps and Degrees). I promise you, with that 25% of attention you gave, that dream of a new house you wished for and got , not to mention that iced out tool box you get to keep. When the time comes to leave the nest and soar. You will be so prepared that , when life challenges looks you in the eyes, you are going to step out of that nest , spread your wings ,smile and say “yesterday , it was together yes we did ” but today and everyday for the rest of my life it’s (“YES I CAN”) THANK YOU !

Rasheed Jamal Brandon
P.O. BOX 3850
RELEASE DATE : 03-27-2020