A Message to the Youth

This is a message to the youth. Its a 40 page book I wrote to the kids. And I’ll be sending chapters every week talking to the youth. This is the story of a “gee” who fell by the feet of false pride, morals, and values of the streets. This is nothing less than the devil. He disguised himself behind what was supposed to be right in the streets, but he never showed up when it came to the truth. I began to believe that what was unhealthy, was actually healthy. After, I was consumed by the works of the devil. I thought that, or he made me think that, this was the best thing concerning my future! This is how the devil, or the evil spirit, tricked me into doing my evil work and his evil deeds. It is a tricky thing! He comes with a subtle approach and eases his way into your heart. He is the master at becoming your friend and putting you at ease. He is your homeboy, your friend, your confidant, and your comrade!

This is to all the gangsters and players out here! This is to all those “too slick to be seen” brothers and sisters. Yeah, the sisters are included into this equation, because sisters, no matter how virtuous they may seem, are the followers of the evil in their men! So quit being attracted to that which is not healthy for you! Make your business the business of cultivating a relationship with the man that is trying to instill quality into your life! The reason why I opened up like this is to give you all an understanding of where I’m going with this speech talking to the youth. I’m going to be explaining what a 924.C. 1951 gun act is. It is called the Hobbes Act. 924.C. is a gun charge. You do a robbery, each gun is 20 years a piece. 1951 is a conspiracy going after the “shot caller” bosses, that is what I was charged with. I’m going to be talking about the drug trade and the government perpetuating on everybody’s community. I’m going to be dealing with and speaking on gang violence and what is going on now. And the main key issue I will be talking about is the creator, God. I’m going to be dealing with our issues because no one talks about the real issues. What’s really going on.

I thank God for giving me the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of these powerful words spoken through me. I can never stop thanking him for working with me. I dedicate this love letter to all my brothers and sisters. Please take notes of this. You will notice, I will be repeating myself over and over to let ingredients of importance marinate on your mind. You’re probably wondering who I am. My real name is Anthony Gaines, A.K.A. Big Polo and that’s my street name. The reason why I chose to talk to the teenagers and the youth is because I feel it’s my duty. If you all don’t know how much time I have, I have 85 years. I want to thank the creator for dealing with me and my life. I can never stop thanking him for dealing with me and my life I can never stop thanking my mother for having me. My beloved brothers and sisters. Good sisters and brothers. The young and the old. What this is here, is my love letter. The way God put it in my heart. And you all know, just as I know, about a very famous love letter called the holy bible. If the creator didn’t love us, he wouldn’t have wrote that love letter for us. And where I’m going today speaking this word, I want the teenagers and the youth to listen to me very carefully. Like I said, I’m 53 years old and I’m talking to the ones that are 8 years old and to what ever age brothers and sisters, I don’t want you all to miss any of this. Brothers and sisters, my youth, take heed. I’m going to talk our language, especially your language. The little brothers, you all think cool is cool. I’m going to tell you what is cool, and what is not cool. I was you once upon a time. My mother sent me to church every week. When a preacher used to talk about the streets, how teenagers are living, selling dope, robbing banks. I would say to myself, “he don’t know what he’s talking about”. The devil used to tell me at the same time, “he don’t know what he’s talking about Big Polo!” You are all probably saying that “he don’t know what he talking about”. Right now, I know what I’m talking about. I lived this cold-blooded gangster lifestyle. I lived it and I thought it was cool. I want you to ask yourself, “is 85 years in the feds cool?” You think cool is cool, I’ll give it to you raw and uncut its not cool. I’m not going to sugar coat it. Does it look cool, what you send your mother through? Your family through? She had me until my 18th year and she taught me how to carry myself. I would have listened to my mother but it was up to me once I got from under her roof. She kept me in church every Sunday. You little brothers out there. Listen to me. I feel your pain. What you’re going through in elementary school, in high school, and what I mean by I feel your pain, looking at the role models and the videos. That one-eyed devil is the TV., the videos, and looking up to the “gees” in the street, you all think are your models. Like I said, I feel your pain and I’m going to break it down to you. Looking at the videos and listening to the rappers. Do you little brothers know who the rappers are talking about? They’re talking about all the players that are in the feds that you think is cool. The low riders, the Bentleys, the Mercedes, the trucks, the bling-bling. That’s a dream that you’re looking at. It’s not real. The devil sold me the same dream. Looking at the role models in the street you all think is cool. I’m going to tell you what cool is. What you all think is cool, you know. I thought I know everything about life my homeboys said street knowledge is the knowledge. Once day these two guys came up tome by the names of society and life…they said “do you want to play cards”. Society said you’re going to have to join us one day so I said okay but I’m the dealer ” I was pretty young then. I called my parents and told them that I was going to be late coming home, that I was going to be playing cards with life and society. Dad said “boy are you crazy?”. We dealt you the best hand yet…food. Shelter, love and respect. When you get older., you can play with life and society. They are too good at the game. If you throw in the hand we dealt you, don’t come home. I said “I can play my own hand because I’m the dealer”. So there I was in the big card game with life and society. I dealt five cards to everybody. Life said ” I’ll keep my five” society said “I’ll take three cards. ” So I threw away education positive goals, and respect, and dealt my self drugs, crime and poverty. The next thing I knew, I had a whole handful of drugs, crime, and poverty. Life laughed and asked if I wanted to play heads up? I said “okay”, and society went on about his business. So! switched games and I was now playing the game of chance y you deal only two cards. Life must be the best player out there. Life got the best cards, opportunities and positive goals. I knew life had me against the ropes…So I wasked him if I cold get antoher card. And Damn if it wasn’t the police in big bold letters…YOU ARE BUSTED!!! “THE GAME OF LIFE”
I ran one of the biggest robbing crews out of L.A. Went nation wide. Made millions and millions of dollars. It got me 85 years in a federal prison. I pray that the teenagers and the youth will take heed to this message. I’ll be sending a message out every week to the youth. Chapter 2 next week. If any parents or youth have any questions I’ll be pleased to answer your questions. The message of this book is called “The CEO of the streets, 85 ways to change your life for God”. And like I said, Chapter 2 to the youth will be coming up next week.

Anthony Gaines
Anthony Gaines #12205-112
Federal Correctional Institution 2
P.O. Box 3850
Adelanto Ca 92301
Affiliation M.E.N. S.T.O.P.
Bank Robberies = 2072-85 yrs