My sincerest prayer is that the Lord blesses you with the gift of prosperity, Love and Happiness this year. Christmas is my favorite holiday. Simply because nothing makes me more happy than being able to provide and do thinks for those I care for. Seeing the smiles on the face of those that I have bestowed some gift upon is a pleasure within its self. Yet after almost 19 years being incarcerated I’ve lost many friends, loves and comrades to untimely deaths, time, space, out of sight and out of mind. And for some strange reason those lost almost took my Christmas spirit away. Last night the institution went on Lock-down and I had just known for sure Christmas was over for those FCI Victorville II. But by the grace of God the institution re-FOCI this morning and you should have seem the face of the men amongst me, everyone had a renewed energy and the first words spoken to me by one of my comrades was “Merry Christmas Djay”. That being said, my Christmas spirit was sparked and now I am in a extremely festive mood and I am grateful that I will be able to experience Christmas not matter how lacking it is… Christmas truly is a spirit, a spirit of hope and joy. And I pray that you appreciate what you do have when there are so many in the world wishing they could be where you are, possessing what you have and doing what you are doing. God bless you and have a very Merry Christmas!!!!


Jonathan McNair
My name is Jonathan McNair, I'm Humble, Laid back and an individual who's main focus is uplifting, empowering, and educating those in the "Struggle". As One who's been through the same or similar situations as most of my Comrades on here, I work to break the cycle of a continuum destruction plagued by violence, Drugs, illness and Hopelessness in our society. Each One Teach One is the Goal and Educating to empower minds is the Foundation.