His Nature

By Demond A. Jackson

Human nature teaches us that man will go to no end to evolve. If placed in an environment where food is scarce he will grow food or move on to broader pastures. If oppressed and denied fair and righteous treatment some men will fight or die before he continue to live a life of servitude. Simply put- “It is not in his nature to be anything less than what his heart and soul leads him to be!”

Will a rattle snake hold back his venom when he bites? No- it’s not in his nature? Will the Hyena run from the Antelope? No- it’s not in his nature. Men like Jesus, Malcolm, Martin, Julius Caesar and Mandela possessed a nature that would not allow them to except their circumstance, condition or situation for what it was…verses what they deemed it should be.

And truth be told- weren’t all them held to be thugs, gangster’s and criminals to those who felt they were going against the ruling factions of the time. Yes! Today I realized that “It’s not in my nature to except the unacceptable!” It’s not in my nature to be snakish and cutthroat! It’s not in my nature to abandon my love one’s or not stand for something!

That being said, when you judge or question the men or man amongst you ask yourself this: What is his nature? Watch and study him, measure his integrity, loyalty and commitment. In due time you will know this man’s nature.

For those men who are worthy of the title “Father” its in their nature to be there for their children, sacrifice time, money and self to see them have what he couldn’t, be better than he was and be the example of the positive potential every man possess.

What’s growing to be clear to me is…the things we deem “Human Nature” differs when it comes to a woman’s nature verses a man’s nature. The nurturing motherly nature of a woman is something no man will ever know or truly understand. Just like the fearless, boundless warrior spirit of man is sometimes outside the scope and logic of a woman. Through out history these two natures have battle for supremacy, without consideration for God’s nature. God is a scientist who’s built the universe out of different particles and components. Therefore, his and her nature were built to be different but when brought together they create balance and a perfect whole.

At the end of the day… man should and cannot suppress a woman’s nature and a woman should not and cannot supersede his nature.
Because without his nature where would we be…

Jonathan McNair
My name is Jonathan McNair, I'm Humble, Laid back and an individual who's main focus is uplifting, empowering, and educating those in the "Struggle". As One who's been through the same or similar situations as most of my Comrades on here, I work to break the cycle of a continuum destruction plagued by violence, Drugs, illness and Hopelessness in our society. Each One Teach One is the Goal and Educating to empower minds is the Foundation.