Inner City Problem’s



On Sunday May 7th Kaman Bell had a program about the Windy City A.K.A Chiraq (Chicago). In this program he spoke to a few of the Residents of the South and West Side’s of the city about topics that not only plague the Black community poverty gentrification, the going culture these elements are the most that the Black community has to deal with. These deplorable conditions has to be not only talked about they have to be dealt with on a large scale. And the violence which has up surged for the past few decade’s are remnants of the conditions that exist. When you place people in a corner these are the types of thing’s that happens. Gang on top of gang enemies forced to share on or two blacks within an corridor of the city. These individuals believe that ether are forced to deal with one another in this manner.  Because in the minds of those who inhabited it first believes that its their turf.


This program make’s us look back and try to understand how to get out of this dilemma. This plays the part of the whole look at the political climate that exist in this country. Not only because Donald Trump has become the President of this Country it’s also about the conditions that him and his administration has put on the agenda as things to do. Building the wall and making the Mexican government pay for it or the tax breaks that he has proposed to keep the pockets of his family and friends lined up real nice. And last but not least the chasing of the repeal of Obama Care.


 Yet this Administration neglects to deal with the issue’s that haunts the cities and towns of this country everyday. Violence, poverty, education and programs to help young people on the Black and Brown Communities learn to get more out of life than what they see in their community on a consistent basis. Programs must exist in order to attack the core problems in Black community and the country as a whole. And stop treating cities such as Baltimore, Ferguson, Chicago, Oregon, New York, and any where else that Blacks, Latino’s and the white underclass as military zones has it has been treating these people for decades now. Conducting military drills in the cities the same way they exercise them in foreign lands killing the innocent. This is the plan of the now President Donald Trump to  turn this country into a police state and the proof is in the pudding.


Every aspect of this Presidency has been nothing but a scandal riddle administration. They can’t even keep themselves’s out of the eyes of the media long enough to deal with any other issues that may exist in this country which beings us to the no gloves beef between Sally Yates, Michael Flynn and The President. And the Russian scandal. We have seen nothing but lies and conspiracy theories in the first 120 days of this administration. So how can any issue be dealt with? This is holding this country back from achieving the goal of so called being great again. The only way to achieve this goal is to Impeach this President which tweets all day and night and has yet to deal with the real issues that exist in this country and the cities that they would like to place as non-existent.


They want to do away with Obama Care, a plan that the Republican party wants to change and the President also proposed a budget and in this budget he plans to cut the wheels on meals program that exist in may African American Communities. This country is treading backwards in the wrong direction. People in this country need’s Obama Care. People are sick, people are dying from gun violence so with no Medicare and no money to be provided with the basic Medical care that maybe nis needed to survive. And cutting the budget for the meals on wheels program’s, how will the elderly and disable eat if they are not mobile to go out and get a bit to eat.


This administration could care less about Chicago, Baltimore or any other city for that matter. The fight against poverty, Gentrification and the issue of gang culture will be placed on the back burner until. After this country is done being the scandal ridden place it’s always been.

Rainbow Williams
My name is Rainbow Williams I'm from Balyimore city born and raised. I'm 36years old and I've been incarcerated for quite some time now. I'm into politics and world and social views. One of the reasons for me being active on this website is to give my views and insights that came from my trials and tribulations, which I learned a lot and it has assisted me in Maturing as a Man. I've been in prison for the better part of my life and I've seen the ill wills and the degradation that men go through on a daily basis. It brings me to this, that we as people have to take the time out and give so that our youth and those that don't have a voice are heard to those that can't hear the voice. Society barriers must become open and know/learn of those forgotten voices that have something to say.