Who is Keith Bradford-El?
by Keith Bradford-El
Being humble doesn’t work as well as being aware. My passion is to assist the kids born after 1980, who simply never got a fair chance to embrace their God-given rights in the first place; due to the misguided philosophies installed into their brains instead of peace, prosperity, family and moral structure in this country.
I am not a scholar of any accredited institution yet, but I did take the time out for the kids to research, analyze and compile the data into useful knowledge for the millennial’s sake. Keith Bradford-El is no Malcolm X, definitely not a radical Moorish Moslem; simply a strong young man who has a federal track record of suing Federal law enforcement officers for typical tyranny. To date I have not won in the U.S. District courts but I seem to get great results.
In my native city of St. Louis, I excelled with the privileged children in Gifted programs, so I’m no wanna-be smartie pants. I’m actually a smartie pants and I make things happen! In my published piece “How Honor, Loyalty and Respect is Gained in Amerika”, I provided suggestions and rules of thumb that nations failed to simplify.
Bottom line, I’m somebody worthy of consideration. I’m the young man who is destined for greatness. If I save one life from my endeavors, that’ll be sufficient for my mission. Oh yeah, not to mention that very important people appreciate my voice, tone and perspective. Follow me @FoDaKids
Keith Bradford-El
30 years of age
Release Date: 2018
Current Charge: Distribution of Heroin
I am Keith Bradford-El, founder of FoDaKids, a Moorish-American Moslem native from Saint Louis, MO. I branded FoDaKids in 2010 as I sponsored Nelly's former local artist out of his Derrty Ent camp. To date, I am the published author of "How Honor, Loyalty and Respect is Gained in Amerika", presented by FoDaKids. My pride is in sticking to my principles as I continue to gain strength from combating, even my own people, to defend the honor of my enslaved ancestors. I am currently learning to read and write in Spanish, French, and Arabic while prepping myself for the Engineering Technology program at SPC in St. Petersburg, Florida. I relocated to the "Sunshine State" to get some sunshine after all the rain. I owe no one any apologies... I tweet @FoDaKids and write at facebook.com/keithbradfordel