FoDaKids goes Tangible!
by Keith Bradford-El

“How Honor, Loyalty and Respect is Gained in Amerika” is primarily for the 80 million Americans born between the early 1980’s and 2000. We are the newest citizens to experience the effects of the immorality taught, promoted, and encouraged in this country. We are not only paying attention finally, but see “black & white” as a mentality or social class like it was originally designed for the structure of this country during the establishment of. The importance of this generation I believe, is much due to the feeling of no more chances given by the forces of nature for this nation to shape up before it self-destruct. Its imperative that our nation stop digging us this hole with the illusion of liberation; because we will soon be a nation unlike what we realize today.
FoDaKids in this book, intends to instruct and excite the Millennials and remind the baby boomers on the proper original ways of life. Hence, to denounce this Humanism that allows everything wrong, unethical, immoral, evil and plain disgusting to become “moral” through human reasoning alone. These ideas only benefit the agendas of certain classes but did nothing but bring the nation into another form of slavery, oppression and an enemy to the rest of the world.
So it warms my heart to know that you are interested enough to critique this rushed information thus proving its relevant. The material in “How Honor, Loyalty and Respect is Gained in Amerika” has been taught and studied by various scholars, experts, professionals and erudites. Myself being a ex-member of the “Black” mentality and the common oppressed class of Asiatic people in this social structure; yet dealt closely with the Jewish, European, African, Latino and Asian communities during my early years. Brings to question of who else is qualified to represent the millennial generation on top of the other credentials and skills possessed? All this amalgamated with personal experiences and victimization of the disadvantages and self-destructive ideologies instilled in me through the media mediums.
For, I sincerely chose the unfamiliar road of authorship to try to reunite broken families, set higher standards, teach to Love instead of Hate, teach respect and it’s essences, promote true moral principles, and discourage “ethic situations” while taking away excuses. Removing the external saving powers and returning it to the internal God-self that fell due to the immorality practiced. Reform the truth of nature with proper etiquette of right & wrong, natural sex relations and fair dealings. I am FoDaKids and you are too. Enjoy ” How Honor, Loyalty and Respect is Gained in Amerika” by Keith Bradford-El @

Keith Bradford-El
30 years of age
Release Date: 2018
Current Charge: Distribution of Heroin
I am Keith Bradford-El, founder of FoDaKids, a Moorish-American Moslem native from Saint Louis, MO. I branded FoDaKids in 2010 as I sponsored Nelly's former local artist out of his Derrty Ent camp. To date, I am the published author of "How Honor, Loyalty and Respect is Gained in Amerika", presented by FoDaKids. My pride is in sticking to my principles as I continue to gain strength from combating, even my own people, to defend the honor of my enslaved ancestors. I am currently learning to read and write in Spanish, French, and Arabic while prepping myself for the Engineering Technology program at SPC in St. Petersburg, Florida. I relocated to the "Sunshine State" to get some sunshine after all the rain. I owe no one any apologies... I tweet @FoDaKids and write at