by Keith Bradford-El
Is homosexuality only for prison Moslems? That’s the question because it has reached Islam, in prison. Another problem in addition to the many misinterpretations of the Islamic Principles, i.e. ISIS’s flag which is actually the supreme Islamic banner; not their personalized flag.
For one reason or another, this psychological war on my culture and religion portrays me in a contradictory light. Due to the confusion, my Islamic culture and other American cultures are in constant trivial conflicts. Conveniently, the Christian’s worldly conquest to colonize by the sword- isn’t on trial; Islam is.
Be mindful, that other Nations have their own social and political interests they propagate called “Nationism”. So why do Americans dislike Islam, especially amongst the Asiatic or “Blacks”? Is it due to the difference in cultural traditions or hadiths? For customs cannot alter the nature of truth. Hence, our Quranic Principles align with those of the Judaism and Christianity traditions in regards to illegal sexual relations. In theory, our traditions govern our conduct. In practice however, stronger men govern our sacrosanct principles; and these men said homosexuality is OK.
So who made illegal sex legal? Why does the Moorish Science Temple of America, INC. branch temples #43 allow homosexual Acting Board members? Why does Sunnis and Shiites embrace homosexuals at prison congregational Friday prayers?
Islam has only dignified the Asiatic in America, freed his mind and restored his manhood. Is this another psychological warfare tactic to destroy something beautiful? I personally think it is, because homosexuality has reached Islam, in prison. I tweet @FoDaKids
Keith Bradford-El
30 years of age
Release Date: 2018
Current Charge: Distribution of Heroin
I am Keith Bradford-El, founder of FoDaKids, a Moorish-American Moslem native from Saint Louis, MO. I branded FoDaKids in 2010 as I sponsored Nelly's former local artist out of his Derrty Ent camp. To date, I am the published author of "How Honor, Loyalty and Respect is Gained in Amerika", presented by FoDaKids. My pride is in sticking to my principles as I continue to gain strength from combating, even my own people, to defend the honor of my enslaved ancestors. I am currently learning to read and write in Spanish, French, and Arabic while prepping myself for the Engineering Technology program at SPC in St. Petersburg, Florida. I relocated to the "Sunshine State" to get some sunshine after all the rain. I owe no one any apologies... I tweet @FoDaKids and write at facebook.com/keithbradfordel