100 days of Trump!
As we come up on the first  of Donald Trump being in the white house. It has been a constant political circus, and some Americans would like to come up out of this perceived nightmare. However as it stands this guy will be here for the next 4 years if he’s not impeached before then.
Since this guy has been in office the political arena has been in the constant turmoil form the controversy surrounding the Trump cabinet, the Russian government and the hacking of the D.N.C. As the intelligent community began to clamp down on the Trump Administration. We are beginning to find out that more and more of Trumps people had dealings with Vladmir Putin’s people.
As these things materialize Putin has been getting more publicity in the country than the injustices that are happening in this country. Black people are still being beaten and killed by the police that vow to serve and protect them. It has also over shadowed the rise of anti-serve that has become wide spread in the Jewish community. For the past few month’s crimes against Jews and Muslims has become more evident and out right blatant. And racism as a whole has festered at the top of so-called racist agenda’s. And as all of this goes on in this country, Trump and his people are worried about what is going on in China, N. Korea, Syria and trying to track down ISIS Leaders in Afghanistan. And putting out fake news about the Obama Administration tapping his phone. Taking the attention away from the real issues at hand like the Russian government and the weird relationship that that government and this government has going on.
Last week Trump came to the podium and also tweeted about the Assad Regime and the biological warfare that it waged on the people of that country. And placing strikes on the Syrian government pulling this country into another government issues once again. Now the Syrian dilemma was an-true atrocity and needed to be death with. Sean Spicer came out and compared the situation in Syria to that of the horrific massacre of Hitler and his inhumane practices. The situation in Syria is no where near the things that happen in Germany. Once again as the speaker of the Trump Administration why would your compare any thing to the Hitler atrocities. This goes to show the insensitive mindset of the Trump Administration.
In the middle of this controversy Trump then goes and bombs Afghanistan killing 36 people, using the biggest bomb in the history of this country since the Atomic bomb. The Trump administration is everywhere and beginning an atmosphere of hate from country to country. Maybe starting multiple wars on multiple fronts and America is doing this as a solo entity. Congress wants to know why the President would make these types of decisions with out the okay from them. Donald Trump could careless how things go in this Country or anywhere else he’s  like a child throwing a temper tantrum. The Obama deal went wrong for him, the Russian scandal is weighing down on him, and the wire tapping accusation slapped him in the face. Now he wants to take his frustrations out on others. This is typical Trump. He can’t have his way. So he will get the best way he can. Through the same thing that got him into office, Hate and Violence. This is what he ran his campaign on. So what would make us believe that he would do anything different. This guy is not a thinker of war strategy he is not an President. He’s a business man and wars bring money. If this is type of thing’s we will see for the next 4 years, then this country is in trouble. Only 100 days and this country is at war. This man has went against everything he said he wouldn’t do in the sense of war. He talked bad about the Iraq war and how he wouldn’t do the same thing if he was back into Afghanistan. We have all ineffective President. Where will we go from here.12
Rainbow Williams
My name is Rainbow Williams I'm from Balyimore city born and raised. I'm 36years old and I've been incarcerated for quite some time now. I'm into politics and world and social views. One of the reasons for me being active on this website is to give my views and insights that came from my trials and tribulations, which I learned a lot and it has assisted me in Maturing as a Man. I've been in prison for the better part of my life and I've seen the ill wills and the degradation that men go through on a daily basis. It brings me to this, that we as people have to take the time out and give so that our youth and those that don't have a voice are heard to those that can't hear the voice. Society barriers must become open and know/learn of those forgotten voices that have something to say.