Keith Bradford-EL


1. Let s start from the beginning, could you Illustrate Life growing up in St Louis, and major hurdles you faced as a youth?

The daily routine of walking home from elementary school was enough to disturb any adult. Seeing a young man fleeing from the SLPD in front of my school, only to see him laying in his own pool of blood by the time I reached my apartment’s door, was normal for kids in St. Louis City. At that point I took a mental note to excel in school, this way college would be paid for by scholarship and I could escape my destiny.

2. St Louis, historically is known for it s Gang Culture. What are some contributing factors of why youth in St Louis may join, a Gang?

Historically we entered gangs as protection from the police, more specially European or “white” people. They would shot us down, rather being the police or private citizens. We were segregated in St. Louis. But honestly, I never joined the blood gang, I kind of inherited it like every other youth raised in the real city’s neighborhoods of the 1990’s.

3. When was your first introduction into the Streets, and what were your motivating factors to “Jump off the Porch”

My 1st introduction to the streets occurred when I was brought home from Barnes-Jewish Hospital. The streets is the mentality of an individual, the customs for survival, not a location. However, the “Jump off the Porch” factors came much later during high school. This is when I realized I was a second-class citizen. The blessings and curses of being enrolled in Metro Classical Academy High School for the Gifted, was my introduction to America. My Asiatic “black” female peers whom I went to McKinley Classical Junior Academy for the Gifted with- chose to date outside our race when puberty struck our diverse school. They had no interest in me. Here is where I noticed the place my environment subjected me to stay in. This motivated me to get involved with my neighborhood peers where I didn’t experience social rejection.
4. What s was your perspective of the Game Then and being in it as a Teenager, and what s your perspective now as an Adult?

Then my perspective of the game was- THIS IS NORMAL! Everything from my eyes at that time was promoted by everyone, including the church going folk, music, BET, television, and the professional Asiatic. They all encouraged the street mentality. They made it the Culture! Now as FoDaKids hit the national scene again, I’m telling the world how abnormal “black” culture is. I even abandoned the title “black” as a direct consequence of the disgrace attached or synonymous with it like Noble Drew Ali did in the 1920’s.
5. How important is Education, and what s your view on the School to Prison Pipeline?

The wise rule the world, the ignorant carries the burden. The School-to-Prison-Pipeline was engineered by great men. But this is my real answer about this pipeline: Our own people are the custodians of it. The “blacks” make it happen, they continue to feed the sheep with one hand while shearing the sheep with the other hand. The wolves are not even around anymore, the shepherds became the wolves.

6. In America, The “Afro American” only makes up 13 percent of the US population, but account s to more than half of the Prison Population! What caused this major disparity in your opinion?

You don’t need my opinion for the cause of this major disparity. The glorified “black” culture ENCOURAGES the behaviors and lifestyles that direct our men and women into these prisons. The women embrace all the principles that destroy the very foundation of a society: Family! Whenever a man cannot find a desirable wife to marry and a woman believe she can raise a child alone, the grounds for the Afro American becomes frivolous.

7. With not going to much into your case, Can you briefly describe how long you been incarcerated?

For six long years, I have been exiled from the land of the free and home of the brave. I have been denied my God given right to breed and raise my daughter, systemically of course.

8. What was your greatest hurdle and greatest accomplishment within Prison?

My greatest hurdle was overcoming the stagnant education limitations and the physical survival from my fellow inmates, by self-education (thru internet ordered collegiate level workbooks) and defensive martial arts/fighting techniques. My greatest accomplishment was becoming a published Author through my own brand “FoDaKids”.

9. What s your thoughts on Drug Laws, and Mass incarceration of Non Violent Offenders?

America once attempted to rid the Mexican population with the Marijuana Tax Stamp law. Possession of marijuana of the common Mexican was punishable by up to life imprisonment or deportation, only if they didn’t purchase a tax stamp in which the US Government never issued in the first place. The government applied the same techniques and principles to the descendants of the American Slaves to meet their same goal.
10. What were you convicted of, and what was the experience like in Prison?

My conviction was considered “Drug Trade Conspiring” in other words: no actual drugs were found. The experience bred resentment towards my family, not the government who only did what Colonist always does- subjugate a group of people against their will. My family bred this for neglecting to assist in acquiring basic necessities e.g. soap & food items. I felt betrayed knowing my birth mother and sisters were insensitive to their own family member’s enslavement. My brazen child’s mother slept with men after men in the presence of our child, in our child’s home. I was forced to denounce and cut ties with them as a direct consequence but I’m cool with that.

11. What advice would you give to youth thinking it s cool to get into game? And How important is it for youth to gain an education oppose to being in street.

I recommend the youth, especially the Asiatic, study Noble Drew Ali. They would discover how to love instead of hate and who their forefathers were before they were subjugated by Europeans. These teachings alone will bring them to opposition to the STREET GAME which only brings disgrace to any group of people who deludes to such dishonorable principles.

12. A Great Book I recently read was authored by you. “How Honor, Loyalty and Respect is Gained in Amerika”. Elaborate to the readers Briefly, some of the focal Points within Book.

“HOW HONOR, LOYALTY AND RESPECT IS GAINED IN AMERIKA”, is compiled of practical suggestions presented in a creative writing style. It includes explanations of the purposes of sex, society, family, relationships, forgiveness, etc. I stressed self-accountability to break the habit of blaming other races for current problems. Some even considered it a cognitive work. Its All-American, see for yourself @!
13. What s needed in our “Hoods” to make them Communities again?

The reintroduction of early marriage into our Asiatic culture because family is the foundation of any society. Homes must be in order and thus governed by real principles, not just loud singing and shouting customs. Look how far that brought us as a people… Wives and children must regain their sacred “off limits” statuses so dignity can be restored and respect commanded by each other.

14. You have been giving back to your Community for years. What positive causes have you been involved in, and how can other’s become involved?

The world doesn’t need any more organizations and I choose not to endorse old acquaintances. FoDaKids looks for practical ways to help out, so I make conscious efforts to not talk too much about aimless causes and accolades. I tweet @FoDaKids


Jonathan McNair
My name is Jonathan McNair, I'm Humble, Laid back and an individual who's main focus is uplifting, empowering, and educating those in the "Struggle". As One who's been through the same or similar situations as most of my Comrades on here, I work to break the cycle of a continuum destruction plagued by violence, Drugs, illness and Hopelessness in our society. Each One Teach One is the Goal and Educating to empower minds is the Foundation.