You ask me
“Why do you fight?”
As if
Like a woman being raped on campus
In Stanford
I have a choice
I fight because
I have a voice
And the psyche
To fight for what’s right
You ask me
“Why are you so angry?”
It’s like you blame me
For slavery
Do you know
That I didn’t create Jim Crow
Or Willie Lynch
Nor Birth of A Nation
Or the lynch mob
Nor segregation
Forced me here
With no invitation
Just chains
But you don’t ask about my pain
You just judge me
Mass incarcerate and mug me
But maybe if I shared your pale privilege
I wouldn’t care
Or inquire about how you’d feel down there
In the gutter, the ghettos, the hood
Because like me
Your response would just be
As anger
Instead of righteous rage
And danger
Meant to be locked in a cage
I fight and you see me as angry
Because when I peacefully stand
Or march and protest
And just put up my hands
You shoot me for lifting up my arms
When I’m unarmed
So I fight
Because you make me earn the value of
My life…….
(c)Copyrights 2016 by Halim A. Flowers
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Halim Flowers
Halim Flowers
DOB- 09-01-80
Washington, D.C.
30 years to life
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Halim Flowers
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My name is Halim Flowers and I am an author, poet, blogger(, and at-risk youth advocate. I have been incarcerated for 18 years, since I was 16 years of age for aiding and abetting a felony murder in a case where I was not the shooter and the person charged as the gunman had his case dismissed and was never tried for this offense. I know it sounds crazy but it is my destiny for now and I embrace. My passion in life is learning and helping to enlighten and inspire others, especially helping to develop the character and lives of young men. I was featured in an Emmy award winning documentary about my experiences as a child at the adult D.C. Jail titled "Thug Life In DC"(See Thug Life In DC at YouTube) and I have authored nine books in the genres of self-help, prisoner reform, juvenile justice, memoir, and poetry(See Halim Flowers at I very contrite for my past criminal offenses and seriously committed to helping our youth to understand "Victim's Impact" and breaking the "school-to-prison pipeline".