ATTN: President Obama,
              From what it appears president elect Donald Trump is going to govern exactly how he promise to. With an attorney general like Sessions, God knows who for the the Supreme Court and team members known to affiliate with the Klan. Criminal Justice will not look pretty in the years that lie ahead. Therefore, it is time to use extreme tactics in order to accomplish that which you had promised so many of your supporters Mr. Obama “Justice Reform!” You have till January 20th, to implement justice reform to the power instilled to you by federal law. There is no question that thousand of federal inmates are still incarcerated under sentencing laws which were found to be unconstitutional or is no longer the minimum sentence these individual would have face do to legislative changes in the law i.e, “The Fair Sentencing Act” which wasn’t retroactive for those who were incarcerated before the law was enacted. In was statistically proven that the federal drug laws prior to the FSA were racially desperate, targeting minorities and mandating excessive sentences.
But Mr. Obama there is still hope there is still away for you to save the its what I like to call “Operation Justice Reform.”
 The way this plan works is:
1. Contact Attorney General Loretta Lynch.
2. Have her go into the Federal Criminal data base and assess how many men and women are still incarcerated for drug offenses and received a sentences, that under current federal law be it Appendix, Alleyne or the Fair Sentencing Act, sentence is unconstitutional or would be eligible for a lesser sentence. Also those who received stacked gun sentences ( under title 18. U.S.C 924(c).
4. Once The Attorney General compiles the cases and names, forward them to the Clemency Departed.
5. The Clemency Department must attach each one of these individuals name to a clemency application, forward to you ready for your signature.
6. All you have to do is grant clemency to all those individuals who have served over 10 years of there sentence already and cut all those who hasn’t served more than 10 years sentences down to 20 years.
 Simply put, Operation Justice Reform, allows you correct an injustice that you and your supporters acknowledges exist. It also allow those who are returned to society through operation justice reform to be the Democrat Party grass roots supporters come 2020. It is time the Democrats put everything on the line for those who can help turn the party around.
The Republican party is already planning to destroy as much of your legacy as they can, but Operation Justice Reform will be one initiative that they will never be able to be taken way from you and its effect will truly be profound. The War on drug has left America’s Communities lacking leaders, mentors and entrepreneurs who possess the potential to turn this country around in a positive way. Operation Justice Reform maybe the only means to freeing America’s next Gandhi, Mandela/ Messenger of peace.

   Mr. President, time is ticking we need you to go hard for us, above and beyond. Because we fear the years that lie ahead are going to be extremely hard for us if you don’t. Thank for your time and consideration

Respectfully Submitted, Demond A. Jackson

Demond Jackson
As you can see my name is Demond Andrae Jackson. My comrades and Love one's call me D-jay. I'm the co-founder of Convicted Soap Box, and the MENSTOP!/GIRL...STOP! re-entry programs. I consider myself a literary artist, be it poetry, editorials, composition, music or screenplays "My pen...is my power and words are my weapons..."
I'm the son of an African American queen, born and raised in Los Angeles California, where I was groomed in its infectious gang culture. For the past decade and half, the federal Bureau of Prison has been a institution of self-education, self-evaluation and the reason I now possess knowledge of self. That being so, I now strive to expose the solution to the problems that our plaguing our communities, America's youth and this country as a whole. There's a saying: "There's nothing new up under the sun." Simply put, if there's one thing in this universe existence, that has seen all thing that mankind has done or not done, it is the sun. That means the moral dissension that taking place currently is nothing new. Historian have written about times where the moral fabric of a nation was so tattered where the only solution for change was war a destruction. This country was built and establish to be the nation it is today. By the disenfranchised, those who were being oppressed by the Queen and her fellow Aristocrats. Therefore if this country is to change once again for the better. It will begin and must begin with the actions and the voice of the disenfranchised i.e, America's minorities, poor and it's third class citizen the American Ex-felon. That being said I'm committed to "WRITING MY WRONGS..." and sewing seed of knowledge and truth that will blossom into peace, prosperity and positive change

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