With one week left and nearly 800 miles ran, my running group has demonstrated what unity and diversity means. I have enjoyed being a part of this “movement.” Every week the group has added new members from first time runners to advanced runners, who, before the group’s creation, typically ran by themselves. Which brings me to Nickalus Peterson. Peterson, an advanced runner, joined our group to help us get to our 1000mile goal. He has gone the “extra mile” to help less advanced runners get to the finish line. Often times slowing down his own pace to encourage them. Recent news from home brought an even more personal mission for Peterson. His step-mom drove from Iowa to Minnesota to be with her sister, Sue Kissel, who was having a double mastectomy I spoke to Peterson before the run this week and his words were touching. “I just want her to know that there are some people out here who care.” Well Nick, you’re right, we do care brother. And this weekend’s runs, as we close out, are for Sue. Get well Sue. In closing, many of you readers have been seeking to sponsor the group for charity purposes. Currently we have a sponsor and at some point we may seek to add more. Our main focus right now is to capture our 1000 mile goal.

gov name: Austin Davidson
reg number 79468-083
Hometown: Nashville, TN
prison Affiliation: ME:)
street name: Austin
institution: USP Atwater, CA
Current Charges: Wire Fraud
Sentence: 72 months
release date: 2017

About me: My name is Austin Davidson, I am 37 years old just a few days ago. Before prison, I worked a variety of jobs, from fundraising for political campaigns to financial wealth management to even running a pie shop. Alot of partying and alcohol led to my downfall. I have tried to use this time in prison as a turning point in my life. I enjoy working with the founders of CSB; it gives me purpose in a world of prison chaos. I want you guys to check me out periodically as I post a wide range of political and investigative style stories for the site. Lastly, thank you for continued support of Convict Soap Box.