FATHER FIGURES… The last of a dying breed.

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In all actuality, there could not be a more true statement, especially among minorities in this country, and blacks in particular.

Off the top, one of the most significant causes is a divorce in the minds of the parents. All too often, i hear the words, “My baby’s daddy,” or “My baby’s mama.” In saying thus, a divorce has taken place between the mother and father of the child without there ever being a legal action taken in the courts. In other words, “We had sex, and this came out.” No one is really responsible. Well, perhaps the grand parent, for that is who usually ends up with the child.

In many cases, it is children having children. Even young adults who have not experienced life are not capable of raising a child—properly.
So, what we have is inefficiency from both sides. But a father is so necessary for stability, correction and direction in a home that without one, chaos is the only thing that can ensue.

Perhaps, if manhood was defined correctly, our young black males would better grasp fatherhood. For it is impossible to be a father without first being a man. And I am not talking about being of the male species, but I’m talking about being a man and all that manhood entails; from responsibility to caring, gentleness, etc.

A mother, regardless of how good her intentions, cannot tech a boy how to be a man. Just can’t do it. He needs a man for that. She can however teach him about women. Children need both parents.

I don’t see it, but we as a society need to return to the era when there were in fact two parent homes, and the man worked and the woman raised the kids. yeah, I know, chauvinistic ideology. But the old way worked. No, it was not perfect, but it definitely was better. there was less teenage pregnancies, less kids having their brains blown out. Less kids strung out on drugs. Children were given an opportunity to be children until they became of age. there was not so much pressure on them to “grow up.”

My time is up. Will get back with you later. I need to write on my computer because there are too many distractions in the dorm where this machine is located.

In solidarity,


Robert Howard
Robert Howard is a 62 year old black male from New Orleans, La. At the age of 15 he was convicted of murder and has been incarcerated over than 47 years. Robert's primary goals in life are twofold: to let young people, espescially at risk youth know the is help in Christ, and, secondly, to do whatever he can to steer them away from jail and prison.