Erasing History

By Rainbow Williams

The revealing of the exhibit of Bill Cosby in the African American Smithsonian has ruffled the feathers of several of his accusers. They would like for Mr. Cosby to not be honored in the Smithsonian or that the committee make mention of the recent legal troubles of Mr. Cosby included in the exhibit. In attempts to bring a damper to his historical accomplishments.

for the past decade plus Mr. Cosby has been in the media. At most time for some not so savory publicity in the early 2000’s claims of his extra marital affairs came to surface at this time Mr. Cosby was crisscrossing the nation speaking o the ills of the black household and all of sudden a young woman and her Mother popped up claiming that Mr. Cosby was the young lady’s father. And the people may not have forgotten about it however they forgave him but put the incident in the back of their minds. Not so much tarnishing the image of heathcliff hurtable the nations, #1 dad. the example of Black fatherhood. then a few years later a young woman in Philadelphia accused Mr. Cosby of drugging her and having sexual intercourse with her. And not far after that almost 50 women claimed that Mr. Cosby did the same thing to them some of these cases come in a span of 30-40 years later. Isn’t that something that all these women have a similar account of their encounter with Mr. Cosby. Just recently in 2016 Mr. Cosby was charged and arrested for sexual misconduct and later released on a million dollar bail. How no way taking Mr.Cosby to trial through this article, nor am I’m trying to put Mr. Cosby on Trial through public opinion.

This exhibit in the Smithsonian will be about the life of Mr. Cosby and his accomplishments in TV film and his multiple donations to H.B.C.U’s and to other charities and that is what should be introduced in the history of Mr. Bill Cosby. His accomplishments of helping to keep institutions of Higher learning open so that the next political mind, or the next nurse or the next CEO of a fortune 500 company have the opportunity to do so> All the accusations against Mr. Cosby has not been proven in the least. So to add it to his legacy today one must remember the criminal justice systems motto. Innocent until proven guilty and Mr. Cosby is just that innocent until proven other wise, I’m not down playing the seriousness of the accusations because to violate an individual in any manner is wrong especially in a sexual sense. i just believe that the history an legacy shall be celebrated for their good works and if its proven that Mr. Cosby took advantage of these women then his actions be shall be exhibited accordingly, However one must understand this that if this way of actions is taking against Mr. Cosby That means that every musician politician entertainer and activist of the past or present shall be subject to the same scrutiny when it comes to honors of their accomplishments

Rainbow Williams
My name is Rainbow Williams I'm from Balyimore city born and raised. I'm 36years old and I've been incarcerated for quite some time now. I'm into politics and world and social views. One of the reasons for me being active on this website is to give my views and insights that came from my trials and tribulations, which I learned a lot and it has assisted me in Maturing as a Man. I've been in prison for the better part of my life and I've seen the ill wills and the degradation that men go through on a daily basis. It brings me to this, that we as people have to take the time out and give so that our youth and those that don't have a voice are heard to those that can't hear the voice. Society barriers must become open and know/learn of those forgotten voices that have something to say.