This was the plan all along. After the blacks stopped allowing the Europeans to whip us and slave us we came together, protested and demanded equality. So they gave it to us. But they still had to figure out a way to control us and enslave us. So they put us in run down neighborhoods and would not give us jobs that paid enough for us to move out. They gave us the worst schools and education so we weren’t as book smart as the rest. Now comes the chess match. The same was that the government started the feud against Malcolm X and Elijah Muhammad, they started the war against the crips and bloods. Then dumped hundreds of weapons into our communities, so that we could kill each other. Why were beefing so tough, and where did we get all those army guns from? On top of that they mad these laws on drugs, then flooded out communities with drugs that would give us an opportunity to earn money to get us out of the slums that they put us in. Where else are we getting all these bricks from?? Then they label us as thus, gangsters and criminals to scare society. They run stings on us, and when they catch us for any of the crimes that they silently encourage, they max us out with prison time. Now that leaves our families out there to struggle, and out children in the same position that we were in, except without a father to teach them the game. Power is in numbers and as long as they keep our numbers down then they will have the power. We cant unite, protest, or vote if we are dead or in prison. We cant come together if we are separated and beefing over colors and corners that don’t even belong to us. We must wake up! RISE AND SHINE

Government name: Aaron Clark
Reg #: 25056047
Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska
Prison Affiliation: Midwest
Street name: A-ROD
Institution: USP Atwater
Current charges: Using and carrying a firearm in relation to a drug trafficking crime
Sentence: 202 months
Release date: 2029
Time served: been incarcerated since 8-7-12