Scramble For Africa

                                                                                      by  M.Vulu


One of the greatest stories of colonization is that of the “Scramble for Africa” also known as the Partition of Africa and the Conquest of Africa. The Scramble for Africa is the invasion, occupation, division, colonization and annexation of African territory by the Europeans during 1881 – 1914.

In 1870, only 10 percent of Africa was under European control; After the creation of a unified Germany (1871) and Italy relocated its capital to Rome (1871) there was no room left in Europe for expansion. Britain, France and Germany were in complicated political situations trying to maintain their dominance, and secure their empire.  France, which had lost two provinces to Germany in 1870, looked to Africa to gain more territory. Britain looked towards Egypt and the control of the Suez Canal as well as pursuing territory in Southern Africa.

At the beginning of the 1880s only a small part of Africa was under European control and that area of control was restricted to the coastline and a short distance inland, along the Niger and Congo River.  But very rapidly, European nations began claiming territory in Africa.

By 1914 European control in Africa had increased to 90 percent, with only Ethiopia and Liberia still being independent.

The Berlin Conference aka West Africa Conference was the Meeting held Nov. 15, 1884–Feb. 26, 1885 at which the major European powers negotiated and formalized claims to territory in Africa.

Prior to the Berlin Conference, European diplomacy had trading relationships with the African indigenous chiefs.

“Military Innovation” played a major factor in the European conquering Africa. With the invention of “percussion caps” and the “breach loading rifle”, the European had access to weapons that fired three times faster than the old “front loading musket”.  Europeans, seeking to colonize and conquest, prohibited the sale of the new weaponry to Africa, which help them maintain military superiority.

Mu'at Vulu
Name: Mu’at Vulu
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Age: 37
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My name is Mu’at Vulu, I am the oldest child and only girl of my mother’s children. I have four beautiful babies myself, a Daughter and 3 SUNS, ranging in ages 13 to 4 years old.

I have taken courses at Wayne County Community College and Michigan State University, but all that I know that is profitable, was self-taught!
I feel my best, when I am helping people. I participate in and host various community events throughout the city of Detroit. My main objective is to always be a “resource for kids”. I “funded and founded” my first non-profit (Rickie J. Davis Foundation) in December 2010, after the loss of my best friend.

The need to assist the community, begin to exceed the mission of the Rickie J Davis Foundation (RJDF) and thus, Rayne Regent and Firm Families were created. These three organizations, along with my for-profit businesses, form The Unity Composite. RJDF is a community based organization, whose purpose is to cultivate children’s mind, by way of, cultural activities and neighborhood functions. RJDF also, feeds the less fortunate and aid in revitalizing different areas of the city. Firm Families is a group that offers Support to family members of those incarcerated and Rayne Regent is an entity that offers mentoring and material to young girls in the “inner city”, in attempt to strengthen their morale and confidence.

I enjoy the books and lectures of Dr. Amos Wilson, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, Dr. Marimba Ani and
Dr. Joy DeGruy . I really do feel more attention should be given to the psychological damage that has been inflicted on “Afrikan People” by the European. Much influence in my life has also, come from the great Marcus Garvey, El Hajj Malik El Shabazz (Malcolm X) and Dr. Khalid Muhammad.
I’m grateful for the life that has been given and I try to show that through my deeds! I am also; glad to have the opportunity to be on the CSB platform and Wishing the Best to ALL!