On the world news i seen that an American college student was arrested in north Korea for attempting to steal a political poster, then sentenced to 15 years hard labor!
America is currently politicking with north Korea trying to get him freed and brought back to America since he is an American citizen. The crime this man committed is vandalism and disrespect.. but at the end of the day it is a petty victimless crime!
Under the laws of nations America should be able to get him out of that harsh sentence, back home to his family and back to school. Even though he traveled to a foreign country where tensions are high and broke their laws on there land. If America could pull this off this would be great for this man, his family and our country!
Personally i wish this man the best! Prison is made for monsters and should not be used for petty non-violent crimes! I guess at the end of the day i find myself a tat bit jealous. Because myself and so many other people are living the same fate as this man. Except we have nobody to come bail us out. I sold a man a gun and some molly. I know i was wrong, but i could not find employment and had bills and mouths to feed! I’ve never forced nobody to use drugs or even influenced them. And guns don’t kill people. The buyer practically begged me to find and sell him those items. In return he received immunity for burglarizing houses while families were at work, and cash payments from the government!! I was by all means set up! So instead of being saved by my country i have been enslaved by my country!! God bless America!!!!!

Government name: Aaron Clark
Reg #: 25056047
Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska
Prison Affiliation: Midwest
Street name: A-ROD
Institution: USP Atwater
Current charges: Using and carrying a firearm in relation to a drug trafficking crime
Sentence: 202 months
Release date: 2029
Time served: been incarcerated since 8-7-12