While mass incarceration in America is a serious issue that has not been taken lightly, people often forget that our prisoners are not the only victims of the system.
Nearly 2.3 million United States citizens are behind bars, more than a million of whom are non-violent offenders. What that means is that there are nearly 2.3 million families out there who are also dealing with the consequences of the prison system.
These families and children, in particular, are what Scottie Barns describes as the “silent victims.” Her father was a convicted drug dealer, and since he was locked up for the majority of his life, she grew up never having met or spoken to him.
Using that fixed pain, Scottie decided to create “One Day with God,” a prison ministry where children of prisoners are able to spend an entire day with their fathers in prison.
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ONWG Packs Loads Of Intimate Parenthood Memories Into The Day, Such As Sing-A-Longs And Even A Father-Daughter Dance
ONWG Packs Loads Of Intimate Parenthood Memories Into The Day, Such As Sing-A-Longs And Even A Father-Daughter Dance
Eight-year-old Arkinya Graham was one of these fortunate children. Like so many others there, she had never met her father in person, but was very close to the man through phone conversations. Sadly, it s likely that she won t be able to see him again for a very long time. Johnny “Trey” Williams is serving 23 years in a Michigan prison for second-degree murder.
Arkinya s mother flew all the way from Florida in order to give her daughter this rare opportunity to connect with her father, and when you see the look on that little girl s face you ll see immediately just how much it was worth. Many people have gone on to criticize the program, claiming that felons don t deserve these perks and opportunities, but Scottie insists that “One Day with God” isn t so much for the prisoners as it is for the young people who don t deserve to be punished along with them.
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I'm the son of an African American queen, born and raised in Los Angeles California, where I was groomed in its infectious gang culture. For the past decade and half, the federal Bureau of Prison has been a institution of self-education, self-evaluation and the reason I now possess knowledge of self. That being so, I now strive to expose the solution to the problems that our plaguing our communities, America's youth and this country as a whole. There's a saying: "There's nothing new up under the sun." Simply put, if there's one thing in this universe existence, that has seen all thing that mankind has done or not done, it is the sun. That means the moral dissension that taking place currently is nothing new. Historian have written about times where the moral fabric of a nation was so tattered where the only solution for change was war a destruction. This country was built and establish to be the nation it is today. By the disenfranchised, those who were being oppressed by the Queen and her fellow Aristocrats. Therefore if this country is to change once again for the better. It will begin and must begin with the actions and the voice of the disenfranchised i.e, America's minorities, poor and it's third class citizen the American Ex-felon. That being said I'm committed to "WRITING MY WRONGS..." and sewing seed of knowledge and truth that will blossom into peace, prosperity and positive change

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