The Power of True Love


Let’s not talk about sex. Let’s talk about LOVE!

Hey, being loved is something we all seek to obtain. What we don’t understand, it is not in being loved that the heart is blessed. Yet, the giving of love is where one finds the true meaning of love. For TRUE LOVE gives whether or not love is given in return. Did you know, the giver is not looking for love, the giver is just that …the giver! Now you see, the giver giving the receiver the love that he/she is designed to give. Therefore, “the giver” finds satisfaction knowing they are fulfilling their need to give love and in their giving TRUE LOVE fulfills the need for love.


To better understand this there must be a higher understanding of LOVE to accomplish TRUE LOVE. We must learn that in TRUE LOVE, there is a dichotomy, just as in all things in life. That opposing opposite, for example: there is no up without down; there is no cold without hot; no high without low; no come without go; and no yes without no… Yet, there is a need for the opposite in order for the other to exist. In TRUE LOVE, there is not a giver without a receiver. Yes, there must be one who needs and one who receives, but both need to know that they must complement the other in order for them both to exist together.


Many don’t understand, thus many fail in love and lack being in love. You see both parties can’t be in need of love, nor can both be givers of love. If so, there is no one to give and no one to receive love. That right, it causes both to seek something from the other that he/she is not capable of doing. The giver of love finds their reward in finding one who knows how to appreciate the love that the giver is giving (by doing this love complements the giver). The receiver in turn is complemented by the giver, thus we have the fulfillment of his/her need for love. And when both know their position and function than there is harmony with both the giver and the receiver. Now, they can become as one, and the power of TRUE LOVE is given birth.


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Brother Gene

Eugene Wilson
Age: As old as the Universe As Young As my next thought.
Offense: Conspiracy To Distribute Cocain
HomeTown: Akron Ohio
Current TIme of Incarceration: 23 1/2 years