The Safe, Accountable, Fair and Effective (“SAFE”) Justice Act

Last week Lawmakers unveiled a Bipartisan justice reform Bill, this bill is the broadest bill introduce in 3 decades geared toward correcting our racial and geographical desperate federal laws. Reps. Jim Sensenbrenner(R-Wis.) and Bobby Scott(D-Va.) two key sponsors of this bill is calling for new rehabilitation methods and sentencing reform.
SAFE is a collection of dozen different reforms founded on research gathered by the House Judiciary Committee’s Over-Criminalization Task Force, which examined ways to reform federal prisons and expand recidivism reduction programming to incentivize and reward those who are working to make a positive change. Majority of this bill focuses on reforms that will cut sentences for non-violent drug offense, it reduce the mandatory minimums for drug offenses and narrow the range of people the current law applies to. The law will also restore discretion to sentencing judges, giving them the power to override the mandatory minimum if the he or she feels the defendant doesn’t have a extensive criminal history, or a serious drug problem.
SAFE also makes it possible for more people to receive supervise release sentence as an alternative to incarceration. The most important part of this act is its retroactive application for those currently in prison, the bill allows prisoners sentenced under the harsh old law who meet the bills criteria’s to get their sentences reduced. SAFE will increase goodtime credits, allow prisoners to earn extra good time off for rehabilitation, every inmate will have a individual case plan, based on what his or her particular needs are they where be recommended to partake in certain educational, drug abuse or other programs that will best meet their needs for effective rehabilitation. For every month a prisoner follows his or her case plan they will receive an additional 10 days good time credit. Currently a federal prison only earns 47 days good days a year under the SAFE Act a prisoner could earn up to 174 day, which will equate to an individual cutting their sentence in half. This bill is logical it creates incentives for inmates to rehabilitate, which will lower the rise of institutional violence plaguing the federal system. Like any bill the procedures for getting a bill passed can be an uphill battle, yet I believe we can win this battle.
Sensenbrenner, Scott and the other die hard republicans who supporter of this bill are proof that this bill has strong support, the only problem is the limit amount of time we  have.. to be to get this bill pass which is before the end of  2015, especially with the presidential campaign picking up with each passing day. But I’m so optimistic it can be done. Republican and democrats both need to do some to win the nations minority vote if they want to win this next elections. Who better way to help? Reducing the overcrowded B.O.P. will save tax payers billions, and correct some long overdue injustices.
That being so “We” the people need to make our voices heard lets get this bill passed this year, use the leverage you have when it comes to your voting power, let congress know that the next presidential candidates will be based on the party who brings this bill to the floor to be voted on this year. Trust.. Rep. and Dem’s will work in a true bipartisan effort to insure one party isn’t over shadowed by the other when it comes to getting this bill passed. That being contact your local Congressman to bring this bill to the floor quickly, or send a email to:, explaining why you feel this bill should be past. At the end of the our nation principles to start coinciding with the way we treat our citizens. It makes no sense that when have the largest incarceration rate in the world.

Demond Jackson
As you can see my name is Demond Andrae Jackson. My comrades and Love one's call me D-jay. I'm the co-founder of Convicted Soap Box, and the MENSTOP!/GIRL...STOP! re-entry programs. I consider myself a literary artist, be it poetry, editorials, composition, music or screenplays "My my power and words are my weapons..."
I'm the son of an African American queen, born and raised in Los Angeles California, where I was groomed in its infectious gang culture. For the past decade and half, the federal Bureau of Prison has been a institution of self-education, self-evaluation and the reason I now possess knowledge of self. That being so, I now strive to expose the solution to the problems that our plaguing our communities, America's youth and this country as a whole. There's a saying: "There's nothing new up under the sun." Simply put, if there's one thing in this universe existence, that has seen all thing that mankind has done or not done, it is the sun. That means the moral dissension that taking place currently is nothing new. Historian have written about times where the moral fabric of a nation was so tattered where the only solution for change was war a destruction. This country was built and establish to be the nation it is today. By the disenfranchised, those who were being oppressed by the Queen and her fellow Aristocrats. Therefore if this country is to change once again for the better. It will begin and must begin with the actions and the voice of the disenfranchised i.e, America's minorities, poor and it's third class citizen the American Ex-felon. That being said I'm committed to "WRITING MY WRONGS..." and sewing seed of knowledge and truth that will blossom into peace, prosperity and positive change

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