Love and Support

By Charles Pullen

I think people often under estimate the power of “Love and Support” I know I did. I’m maybe young, but my time behind these walls have taught me a whole lot in a short amount of time. Before my prison sentence I thought life was one big party and my goal was to have as much fun as I could because in my mind tomorrow wasn’t promised. Raising myself in the streets at the age of 16 I felt love was an illusion for suckers, no one ever really supported me “for me” in my opinion. So I did what a young man does with no remorse, for how my action may have effected others. Prior to this bid I didn’t understand karma or the principle “you get what you give in life.” I was standing on my on two feet, in the eye of “ignorance storm” and all I knew either its about me or it isn’t about nothing. Once I entered the prison system I ain’t gone lie it was hard, I kept having conflict over nonsense, some lead to physical altercation other lead to losing potential friends and etc. Then I arrived here at U.S.P Lee. For the first year I found myself doing the same nonsense expecting different results (robbing Peter to pay Paul.) And like it always does it left me dusted and discussed.
Then I came across some men who would help me see the reflection in my mirror for what it is, I wont lie I’m a real “Hard Head” so I was bucking at every twist and turn, but these men did what real big Homies do… they stayed on me. Made me face the truth and supported me during my process to self understanding and my transition from boy to man. They taught me how once I changed the man in me, my circumstance would change and like clock work it did.

I found Love, I found someone who completes me and supports me like no other has. Love and Support has made me that much stronger, made me be better with thirst to grow in a positive way everyday by one means or another, its made me want to love and support others. It is the reason I write. I now know that everyone needs someone to love and support them as well as they need to love and support someone else. Without the proper love and support growth is impossible loving and being loved is impossible.
But with real love and support nothing is impossible and I am so glad that I have found it and I hope these words will help you find it, acknowledge it and share it with those who need it.
I’d like to thank the MENSTOP founder and his mentors who provided me with it in my time of need as well as I’d like to thank Linda Hightower for being my Queen, my rock and all the love and support a man could ever need.

My Name is Charles Anthony Pullen, I'm from Eden North Carolin born and raised, I'm the youngest of two elder brothers, 28 years old and I'm currently serving a 6 years sentence for felony possession of a firearm at the federal Penitentiary U.S.P Lee County in Virginia.