This piece is to extend my gratitude to all those that has been instumental to my growth yes people are so quick to judge the people who are affiliated to gangs however they don”t take into consideration the indepth workings of these institutions of learning loyalty consolidarity and strong principal of standing. You see in order to put the gun down you have to have picked it up along the way. You have to be prepared to speak the language of the people who tries to oppress you. I have so much respect for my teachers because they taught me that it goes further then the understanding of what alot of people percieve. My affilation isthe cornerstone of why I do the things that I do today its the reason why I feel the way I do today. It is my affiliation that taught me to stand firmly on what I believe in. I have unconditional love for my teacher mentor,brother,friend and Homeboy Mr Demond Jackson because when I had no knowledge he gave it to me without hesitaion he is the reason I found out what it is I can really do to make a difference. It was him that showed me what our affliation is really about and if I we had the same love on the outside that has been bestowed on me inside there is nothing that could stop us from being successful. When I recieve I compliment its not mine it goes to my teacher my homie Buck once told me we don’t except alcolades being excelent is not the exception but the norm as long as I live I will never forget those words. Alot of people celebrate good Men after thier gone well I want to celebrate a Goood Man while he lives. Anything I do in my life I will always credit the individual that ignited the flame of my success. I have come far but I have far to go I was blessed with a very good navigational system.

Truthfully Speaking
Mr Le’Edward Lilly

Leeward Lilly