These are some of the characteristics that I look for in a man. A man that’s independent, not afraid to express his feelings, respects women, takes care of his children, puts his family first in his life, a protector of his family, spiritual, trustworthy, honest, strong, humble. These days a good man is hard to come by. I feel that there is a shortage on good men and if a woman finds one that posses the majority of these characteristics should consider themselves lucky. I come from a home where my father was the head of his household and a provider for his family. My mother and father have been together for 40 years. I consider myself blessed to have been brought up in such a stable environment. Times have changed and men don’t posses the same morals and values like the men did when I was growing up. I’m not putting all men in one category but I’m going by what I’ve seen in life. In this day and time men don’t have respect for women. I’m not putting the blame just on the men because a lot of women don’t respect themselves so it’s kind of a two way street. A believe that a man is suppose to respect women and treat them like they’d want someone to treat their mother or sister. There are so many men that don’t even accept the responsibility of taking care of their children let alone be faithful to their partner. Infidelity is something that doesn’t sit well with me. There are so many men who take the vow to become one with their wives and don’t even honor those vows. They tend to cheat and indulge in behaviors that aren’t becoming of a husband. A real man will honor his vows and honor his wife. I feel that when you decide to get married that’s something that’s suppose to be for life and that the women you chose to be with is a person that makes you happy and satisfies your every need (Mentally, Spiritually, Emotionally and Physically). I’ve noticed that even though men have good women at home they still tend to go astray. Why is that? It baffles me because it seems like no matter what a woman does men are never satisfied. Our kids are growing up in a society where single parent households are more prevalent then growing up with both parents. That’s not the example that we should be setting for our children. Our men need to step up and start leading by example. A real man is going to take responsibility for his children and respect his partner in life. Even if their not together, they should be able to co-parent. We have to start realizing that our children are a product of their environment. They tend to gravitate to the things that they see in life. I see the men these days not providing for their families at all. Then there are those are providing financially but they’re not spending the quality time with their children. In turn they aren’t instilling good values and morals in their children. A real man is going to take the time out to be a parent and raise their child to become an independent, responsible person in life. He’s going to teach his son how to be a man and teach his daughter how to be a respectable young lady. There is only so much a woman can teach her son. I know first hand because I’m a single mother of a little boy that’s 9 years old. Even though his father died when he was young, he still needs that male role model in his life to teach him the things that I can’t. I believe that a real man, when getting into a relationship with a woman who has a child, will treat her child as if he was his own because they come as a package. That’s something that’s very important to me because my child comes first in my life and when I do eventually get married I want the man in my life to be a positive role model for my son. Every child needs stability in their lives and that’s something we as parents need to work on. Like I said I’m not trying to put the blame on just men but a lot of our children are falling victim to crime and violence due to being brought up in an unstable household. It’s time for our men to step up and be father’s to these fatherless children. Set an example for our future generations and watch how the tables will turn.

Brandi Davis
Register Number- 44108-039
Age: 33
Time Served- 6 years 3 months
City/State- Detroit, MI
Sentence- 120 Months
Current Charge- Conspiracy To Distribute and Manufacture 5 kilograms of Cocaine or more
Release Date- 5/2016
Contact Info- Brandi Davis 44108-039/B1
Federal Prison Camp
Box A
Alderson, WV 24910

My name is Brandi Davis. I'm currently serving a 120 month sentence at Alderson Federal Prison Camp in West Virginia for conspiracy to distribute and manufacture 5 kilograms or more of cocaine. I'm on my sixth year and will be returning back into society around April 2016. I'm 32 years old and I enjoy reading, writing, sports, music, news, traveling and I love learning and experiencing new things in life. I'm a single mother of a nine year old young man. I'm looking forward to leaving prison and starting a new life. I also want to help the youth avoid making the same mistakes that I have in life. I'm currently working on book and other projects. While incarcerated I've completed Cosmetology and I'm currently taking RDAP and correspondence paralegal course. I'm also active on The Federal Fire Department. I've used my time wisely and I'm ready to approach life with a new outlook.