Dropping the ball




by Marvin Wright

What it do.. Sports Fans, yeah it’s me again Mr. Nut, with some food for thought and its all about holding on to the ball in life. My perspective when it comes to dropping the ball is a universal one, which goes far beyond just sports. For example, Ray Rice and his issue with domestic violence, Adrion Peterson and his alleged child abuse allegation and Aaron Hernandez.

Aaron was an extremely talented tight-end for the New England Patriots, predicted to have a Hall of Fame worthy career from the moment he touch the college field, off the field though he would find himself having quite a few run-ends with trouble, luckily he would be given chance after chance to get is life in order and eventually having an opportunity to play in the 2015 Super bowl, and just when we all thought he was on a path for greatness.. but he fumbled the ball i.e.(opportunity.) Finding himself engulfed in a murder trial involving the death of one of his alleged closest friends, which lead to him being convicted and a sentence to life in prison.
As sad and as bad as Aaron’s situation is… what he’s dealing with is something many of us deal with by one means or another i.e. the struggle of never letting go of our integrity, keeping a grip on our blessings, while holding on to our productive opportunities. The game of life is the one game no man or women is exempt from playing, no matter what your position is the object is to play your heart out, reflecting good character when you game is off and when victory elludes you strive to win another day in better way.
I’ve dropped the ball a few time in my life as many of us will and what I’ve learned after each fumble is: The game of life is all about choosing the right team, making sure those we play with are positive team player and success comes by way of learning all you can and working as hard as you can toward being the best.
This understanding applies whether you’re on the court or in the corporate world. That being the case we the Sports fans, need to ask our love professional atheletes “please stop dropping the ball when your not under the stadium lights.”
Because your talent is a blessing, many wish they had, and seeing some of you waste it is a let down beyond words. I hope those of you who are still gripping the ball tight walk away with one lesson from all that I have said. “Life is a game, opportunity is it’s ball and win lose or draw my job is to play my heart out and hold on to the ball for dear life.”

Till next time… Nut!

My name is Marvin Wright, I'm from Los Angeles California, and I'm 47 years old. I've been incarcerated since 1999, For felony possession of a firearm and Distribution of cocaine and I now have two year left on this sentence. I'm a understanding, open minded individual and a extreme sports buff. I firmly believe that if it wasn't for sports, the penal system would be more overcrowded then it currently is now. Therefore I write and mentor the incarcerated youth about the importance of sports and advise those who posses high skill sets be it in basket ball, football or soccer. That there's still opportunities available for them to have a career as a professional athlete. That is why I'm a Soap Box columnist, a MENSTOP activist and every day I'm striving to make a positive difference.