I really dislike to sound like a broken record or one of redundance to a particular situation.Police brutality & Racism in America.I would love to write about ISIS and the recernt bombing that killed 26people in Tunisia.Or i can talk about Hillary Clinton’s E-mails and her projection tto be the next President of the United Staes in 2016.Andalso can write about Russia& North Korea two of Americas enemies  becoming the best of friend all of a sudden.

There is another entity that exist in the streets and bayous of America.A milignant cancer,a virus,a monster that can no longer Camouflage itself.This is not somethiong that just the South has to deal with this is something that Ammerica has to deal with.And if this isn’t constantly talked about.It will be bsushed under the rug just like anyother news that matters to the peopl;e.Like the last time that a Black man was hanged in South Carolina.We only heard about that for just one week or two and then nothing.It was not like the above stories that we have been hearing about for days and weeks since they jave broken in the news.

On wednsday March 18,2015 a 54 year old man was found hanging from a tree in Mississippi.Reports say that the man was reported missing on March 2nd.As the news was unfolding news xcasters made it thier business to state that the Mississippi Chapter of the NAACP,the F.B.I and the FEB. civil rights division was on the scene. These organization’s’s dropped the ball in recent and past crimes against Humanity. Now they are the first on the scene. And in the same segment they explained that the hanging may have been a case of suicide, then brought top light that the man was a convicted Felon. This is the same ole song every time a crime such as this occurs.

The first defense for law enforcement or those that see’s nothing wrong with a man hanging from a tree. The victim has become the his own suspect by attempting  to assassinate his character or paint him as a criminal deserving of this type of justice for his past mistakes.

Back in the 1700’s Many Men Woman and  Children were killed by lynching’s. Where lynching was excepted and lynch mobs hung Black people with complete impunity. Some examples are Slave ‘s being burned at the stake after New York Conspiracy of 1741. 17 black men, two white men, and two white women were hanged. In 1836 Blacks were hung after the union forces won the on July 4th on the banks of the Mississippi river. These are references to the documented and undocumented senseless killings that continues to happen. So there is no surprise that this practice still exist in Mississippi. However this is not just the mentality of those in Mississippi, this is a nation wide mentality.Racism in America

As time progress we thought that lynching (the hanging from a tree) was a thing of the past. We had gotten use to the modern-day lynching in the form of the criminal justice system. her the disparity of the  drug table which shows to be bias from one drug to another and the lengthy sentences for Black, brown and even the lower class white. Or the entrapment by federal agents to lure a convicted felon into committing a Hobbs act agents.and the list goes on and on. No we have been wacked over the heads again with the heinous crime of hanging an human being from a tree. In 2015 we are still the strange fruit that Billie Holliday once sundog a song about back in her time.

When is change really going to come?And not the change that only comes at slogan time when an intellectual coward such as Mr. AL Sharp ton odor some other out of touch activist wants to use it. WE NEED CHANGE IN THIS COUNTRY AND THE PROOF IS ON THE PUDDING.
The Black man PEACE.

Rainbow Williams
My name is Rainbow Williams I'm from Balyimore city born and raised. I'm 36years old and I've been incarcerated for quite some time now. I'm into politics and world and social views. One of the reasons for me being active on this website is to give my views and insights that came from my trials and tribulations, which I learned a lot and it has assisted me in Maturing as a Man. I've been in prison for the better part of my life and I've seen the ill wills and the degradation that men go through on a daily basis. It brings me to this, that we as people have to take the time out and give so that our youth and those that don't have a voice are heard to those that can't hear the voice. Society barriers must become open and know/learn of those forgotten voices that have something to say.