“La Familia”


Jose Estevane

“La Familia” is Spanish for “The Family”, when it comes to being incarcerated I don’t know what or where I would be if it wasn’t for the love and support of my family. In a situation where it’s hard to see any good coming from it, I’m always able to look at my wife and children’s picture’s each day and say “you are the reason I keep going.” It’s nothing worse than seeing a fellow convict who doesn’t have any family support. You can see in their eye’s something is missing, they don’t care about anything or anybody, which allow them to fall victim to drug abuse and violence.
Allot guys who are doing time, hurt over the fact that they feel like their family members have just forgotten about them. So they allow thoughts of revenge to fester in their brains while they’re doing their time. They look forward to the day where they can disown their sisters and brothers as a means to show them how they feel about their neglect while they where incarcerated.
I’m against this, I try to talk to some of the men in here, explaining to them that it’s hard out there for our families and they have responsibilities outside of dealing with us and our circumstances. As a convicts I’ll be the first to say we must take responsibility for our own bad decision. Everyday I regret the decisions I made by getting into a hustle that would take me away from watching my children grow and being the father they need when they are face with challenges.
I’ve learned one thing is I don’t learn anything else from my imprisonment and that’s without “The family” I have no ground to stand on no one to lean when everything else is gone. It is my family that keeps me strong.
If you have a love one who is currently dealing with incarceration please reach out to them if it’s nothing but a few pictures, something that will let them know that they are not out of sight and out of mind. Prison can be a harsh and lonely place at time, a card and few words can make a world of difference when things are looking bleak.
I love my family. Thank you, CSB for allowing me to share these thoughts.

Jose Estevane
Name: Jose Estevane
Age: 31
offense: Possession with intent to distribute
Born: Dallas Texas
sentence: 15 years
Hobby: Drawing, Writing and Music