“Real Big Homie’s”

By Tremain Thomas

I’ve been a Red Side Gorilla Brim since 2010, I was originally initiation into the 9-trey Blood gang in 2004. Over the years I’ve strived to be a stomp down Blood pushing the “B” to the fullest. What I realized recently is the one thing I was lacking was true guidance. Simply because when the Gang culture invaded the Carolina’s it was something new and my Big Homie at the time wasn’t even as old as I am now back then. At the end of the day it basically one baby raising another baby to be something he may not of fully understand. On this journey I found myself exactly where the “Real Big Homies” end up! Either in a casket or in prison. My Momma would say I’m blessed to be in prison instead in a wooden box. The real of the situation is at times I do feel like I’m bless do to the fact that I’m serving my sentence in federal prison instead of in the North Carolina state system where allot of my homeboys are still being misguided by “Fake Big Homies” who are simply using them to raise their own personal level of money, power and respect. In the federal system bloods and crips don’t beef, the East meets the West where the gang banging life style emerged.
I had the opportunity to learn what it really means to be a Blood from “Real Big Homies” from the East and the West, and at the end of the day that definition is simply about being a man with integrity and character. The real Big homies are those who walk, talk and live it and they want tell you to do anything that they haven’t done or won’t do! The real big homie don’t function under the belief their bigger than the rest of the homies. There’s not big “I” and little “You’s” when it comes to being part of the same thing and every person should be willing to love and sacrifice the same things for the betterment of what we are all representing.
Don’t confuse what I’m saying for glorifying the gang culture, that’s not what I’m doing what I am doing is. Saying beware of the fake big Homies out there who are using you to fill their pocket and cater to their ego’s. The real big homies do what the editor of convict soap box is doing. Show the young homies how to be better and avoid falling victim to the system where a real homie can’t win.

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Tremain Thomas
My name is Tremain Thomas, I'm from Eden North Carolina, I'm 25 years old, currently serving a 25 year sentence for murder and drug offenses. I'm been down for over 5 years. It isn't easy, but I'm growing and learning that everything that glitter isn't gold. I'm currently taking a mentorship course and writing my first book. I felt compelled to write for Convict Soap Box, because the editors is always inspire us younger guys around here to be better than we have in the past. He taught me that my affiliation as a Blood doesn't limit my potential to be and do better. Hopefully my words can help make a difference because prison isn't a place I want to see my worse enemy.