The power of Meditation

By Tony Buck

“Sometime’s the best lessons are the ones we teach others.”

When my comrade, trusted advisor and editor-&-chief of CSB approached me with the opportunity to write this column. Unbeknownst to me my anxiety had shoot straight through the roof. Then I thought to myself “Okay… If I’m going to do this I’ve got to do this to perfection. Not only will I be writing for a large diverse group of people, but CSB is a project that is near and dear to my homie. Therefore I’ve got to come correct!”
Then it dawned on me, just that quick, I had allowed myself to be apprehended by my own fantasized fear of the challenge writing this column would be which basically triggered my anxiety (smh). Thereafter, for days I would write draft ,after draft, putting forth my best effort to bring you something of substance, that would be clear and concise. Guess what, in the mist of my panic i.e, the possibility that I might not be able to live of to my homies standards and his faith in me. I realized that I was failing to adhere to the very same lesson I would be conveying to you, of course your going to have to read on to get that, but I wanted you to see through my own experience with regard to writing this column how meditation can help you deal with any challenges life throws our way.

Meditation- is a broad concept and can be exercised in many different ways and for various reasons. Some people use it to rejuvenate, power their spirituality, and clear their minds. It’s also helpful when planning or searching for a solution to a problem. In 1996, I adopted meditation as a means to connect with the creator, after receiving an outrageous prison sentence. I lost my faith in my religion at the very moment I lost trial…fast and hard. At the end of the day the only thing that kept me from falling apart was my integrity, but deep down I knew I needed something that would keep my life balanced or any day all hell was about to break loose.
That’s when I met a older, Italian man, by the name of Benny. Identifying the struggle and aguish I was experiencing do to my imprisonment. Benny taught me how to sit still in silence, focus, clear my mind and calm my spirit. After that he told me “From there the rest will come.” and as God is my witness, it did come. Some sooner than later.
My initial goal with meditation was to become one with God, so I could plead my case, figuring once he understood my intention he would unlock the prison doors and set me free. The more I meditated, the more I could feel the stress from my circumstance slowly but surely go away, at that point I was all-in. From that day forth at the same time every day, I would commit fifteen minutes of my time to meditate. Don’t get me wrong my results didn’t happen overnight, but gradually my spirit gain a calm that I hadn’t felt my entire life. Once my mind was thinking with a clarity like never before. I realized “My prayers are finally being answered.” The real gates, of true freedom were opening, I was becoming less and less imprison by the ignorance of who I am, myself worth in this world, during this existence and especially how I and my situation relates to Gods plan.
Meditation literally saved my life. Because psychologically, I’d reach rock bottom and didn’t know how to bounce back. To be honest with you. Back then I had the audacity to have a grudge with God. Simply because I saw myself as a good dude, who was worthy of making a mistake and a few poor decision in which God should of had no problem looking over, so that I would be blessed with freedom, love and prosperity.
Yet meditation caused me to reflect and conquer my ego. The key was submitting my mind, body and spirit completely to quest to find peace and harmony within and without no matter where I am in life. Accomplishing this was the greatest spiritual reward I’ve ever received and its all do to my dedication to meditation. Now for those of you who may or may not be religious please don’t identify my use of spirituality with any particular religious denomination. Meditation does not belong to any particular faith. It’s main purpose is to re-calibrate our spirit in order for us to better face our everyday challenges. Spirit can be a simple as the invisible emotional energy within us. For example have you ever entered a room and could feel the joy emitting in the air from a room full of happy people. That’s an example of the power of good spirited people sharing the same space. That spirit is inside and surrounding each and everyone of us. That being so, meditation allows us to focus and control this energy personally. Therefore allow me to share a simple style of meditation with you to get started:

1. Find a space that grants you the most peace and silence.
2. assume the Indian style position with your hands on your knee palms facing upward. If your not flexible enough for this position, you can use a chair sitting up right with your back straight or another style is what they call the ‘Dead mans’ pose in which you lay flat on your back on the floor, couch or your bed hands across your chest as if you are dead.
3. Once you find the position of your choice make sure that your back is straight and your shoulder are square.
4. Close your eyes and begin to inhale slowly through your nose, while you do so in your mind say “Clear.”
5. Exhale slowly through your mouth, while you do so in your mind say “mind.”
6. Once you have created a rhythm with you breathing inhale-exhale you should be hearing in your mind “Clear” “Mind”, “Clear” “Mind” as you become use to this begin to see the words in your head, the letters, how they spell, see them bright and vibrant like a neon sign.
7. When the mantra “clear-mind” is resounding in you mind with little to no effort your, at the stage of entering into a deeper level of meditation, slowly but surely you will drift mentally in a state of stillness, you will not realize you’ve actually been in a deep meditative state until you come out of it i.e., similar to the feeling you get after you realize you’ve been day dreaming.
8. Practice this for 10-to-15 minutes everyday or more if needed.

Trust me meditation can be and will be the solution to all that’s effecting you mentally, emotionally and physically. It is believed by some experts that meditation can help us repair physical illness. There’s one thing I know for sure and that is… it has help me personally deal with my anxiety which stems from my incarceration, likewise, that nervous feeling you get right before your about to take a test or step on a stage for a performance of sorts. Simply put, life throws us all challenges that raises our anxiety levels. No wonder prison yards and our communities are so violent. Confrontation is the side effect of our anxieties, the lack of sound judgment in essence the lack of a “clear mind.” Meditation is a non-toxic means to gaining control and finding a solution to that which ails us. It is important that we all understand that Apprehension, uncertainty, and fear, can only exist via, our thoughts (or negative thinking). Once the mind is clear apprehension and its side kicks have no ground to stand on; because a clear mind only knows peace.
So when ever life blindsides you with any dilemma and you feel like your being yanked to and fro. Instantly stop, find your quiet place and start your meditation technique. Trust me a means to handle any situation will come, because mankind’s ability overcome has always been based on his profound understanding of mind over matter and meditation is just a fundamental means toward its application.
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Tony Buck
My name is Tony Buck Jr., I'm a native of Los Angeles California, 38 years old, raised in a single parent home, by a strong and independent black woman. I've currently been incarcerated for over 19 years, my charges are armed robbery and attempted murder. All I ask of those who will view my editorials and composition is "please don't judge me by my exterior or what I've been convicted of...," Know that I am not the sum of my mistakes and that I am still fighting for my freedom. Whether The creators see's fit to reducing my sentence based on the legal errors that exist. Trust and believe that my plan to make a difference in the lives of this nation youth remains the same.
The time I've spent behind these walls has given birth to my greatest accomplishments, for that I am grateful. I now share a relationship with the creator. I've learned the true definition of what a man is and I'm constantly challenging myself to grow spiritually, intellectually and emotionally. Which makes me determined to uphold and adhere to my duties as a man and a child of the most high. I love to cook, teach and mentor. I'm truly passionate and at my happiest when I'm helping other be the best they can be, because I've learned that the greatest gift, we as human being can give God, in order to show our appreciation... is to give ourselves unselfishly to other when they are in need.