Roam Lyte

by Demond A. Jackson

The Globe Roam Lyte is one of the most slept on brand of casual tennis shoe out. As a real shoe man the Roam Lyte in opinion is a real game changer. Especially their two tone editions. My favorite is the two tone charcoal grey and light grey joints! (Serious…) Picture yourself in these joints with the matching plaid, short sleeve, Polo button down, off the black denim, with a cuff, to accent the grey weave design of the shoe and while on your way to the next jumpin function. (Man you’ll be killing ’em…)
The Globe brand was established in 1994 in Australia. The Roam Lyte was created for all day comfort. Constructed from the ground up using Nitrolite outsoles, Eva lasting board and Ortholite foot bed three layer cushioning design for any terrain.

Pro’s: Their light, sporty, extremely comfortable, unique and casual enough to wear with anything.

Con’s: The style isn’t eye catching, the brand isn’t fashion forward enough and its not available in most local retail stores.

Bottom Line: It’s fly and what I deem as real luxury shoe i.e., The Maybach is tennis shoes. No matter if your style is urban hustle hard by all means or Wall Street corporate warrior. This tennis shoe is all purpose, lacking only one thing… the flash, flare and notoriety of its competitors!

For more information about Globes Roam Lyte’s go to : WWW. GLOBE.TV

Demond Jackson
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